Home Sports The story of ‘Twelfth Fail’ is being written in Indian cricket by ‘Twelfth Fail’ director’s son.

The story of ‘Twelfth Fail’ is being written in Indian cricket by ‘Twelfth Fail’ director’s son.

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He is the producer of films like Three Idiots, PK, Munna Bhai MBBS, Lagae Raho Munna Bhai. Both producer-director in films like Mission Kashmir, Parinda. But recently, Vidu Vinod Chopra has come to the most discussion because of the movie ‘Twelfth Fail’ which was released a few days ago.

This time, his son Agni Chopra has come into the discussion with a remarkable career in Indian cricket. The 25-year-old batsman’s debut in India’s top tournament with this year’s Ranji Trophy, Agni scored 5 centuries in the last 4 matches in the second tier plate group of the Ranji Trophy! 4 centuries in his first 4 matches was never before.

But Agni wants to shine himself with this feat of his cricket field. His father is famous film producer-director, mother Anupama Chopra is famous Film critic. If he wanted, he could have created a bigger opportunity in cricket by using the identity of his parents. I wish any team would have got a chance in IPL. There are many Bollywood stars in the ownership of many teams in IPL! However, after a great success with the bat, Agni Chopra said that he does not want to get a place in the IPL by using his father’s identity.

Agni has also done well with the bat in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy before this year’s mini auction in IPL, scoring 234 runs at 33.42 in 7 matches, with a strike rate of 150.96. However, 31 others have scored more runs than him! Be that as it may, Agni remains unsold in the IPL auction. No team took him even in the elite group, the top tier of the Ranji Trophy.

One failure after another is like the central character of Twelfth Fail. Agni is chanting the mantra of success after learning from them. His words will tell the story of confidence and self-esteem.

Talking to Indian news agency PTI about not getting a team in Ranji Trophy or IPL, Agni’s reaction, ‘Maybe I’m not good enough to get a team, that’s why nobody took me.’ He made it clear that he did not want to get a team in the IPL by breaking the name of his parents. Not that my father would ever pick up the phone and ask someone to recruit me. I have to be a good (batsman) so that they call my father to get me in the team, not the other way around.’

Agni did not like getting the team on his father’s phone and said, ‘If something like that (getting the team on his father’s phone) happens, then maybe I will not be included in the original XI. I don’t want to get into a team like that, where I get picked up because of a phone call but I don’t get a chance to play.’

Convinced to fulfill your dreams on your own merits, in his voice, ‘There is no point in using someone’s communication skills to fulfill your own dreams. Cricket was not my father’s dream, it is my dream.’

The question comes in the context of the dream, what is the story behind going to the cricket field from a family closely associated with films? Agni would get the opportunity to learn and work in films if he wanted! In the explanation, the conversation that Agni and his parents claimed, if true, is like winning hearts.

What did Agni say? ‘From a young age I had to hear this question, will you enter the film? But I never wanted to go into films. I never thought that, “Well, my father makes movies, then this path is easy for me!” I never wanted to be in movies. I mean, watching movies is good, time is good, but it never came to the place of passion.’

Agni also talked about getting complete independence from his father in this regard, ‘Dad told me and my sister when we were kids that his father used to tell him, “If you want to be a cobbler on the road, then be the best cobbler on that road.” That’s what we want to be. He gave freedom to go that way, but said to always try to be the best of that way. Talent can take you up to a point, then the rest depends on how hard you can work.’


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