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The speedy trial law is permanent

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Cabinet approves proposal to make speedy trial law permanent This approval was given in the cabinet meeting held at the Prime Minister’s office on Monday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presided over the meeting.

The law, titled ‘Offences Disturbing Law and Order (Speedy Trial) (Amendment) Act, 2024’, was valid till next April. Since the Act is permanent, there is no need to extend its term step by step.

Cabinet Secretary Md. in the briefing at the Secretariat after the Cabinet meeting. Mahbub Hossain said, ‘When the law was first enacted, it was valid for two years. Later it was extended in several steps. That term was set to expire on April 9, 2024. Today’s cabinet meeting has given the policy decision as a permanent law instead of a step-by-step extension. It should not be renewed again.’

The Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs proposed to the Cabinet to make the law permanent. The Cabinet Secretary said, ‘The law is old. What was before will remain. Only the term has been made permanent without extending it for two or three years.’

Mahbub Hossain said the reason for making the law permanent said, “The public security department has said that this law has many benefits. The law has been very useful in controlling crime on their part in this case, that’s why they want to continue the law.’

When attention was drawn to the allegations of speedy trial law being applied to political opponents, the Cabinet Secretary said, ‘There was no discussion on that line in the meeting, today the law and order issue was completely discussed. The Cabinet has accepted the submission from the Public Security Department that the Act has played an effective role in punishing criminals to keep the law and order situation under control.’

When the law was enacted in 2002, it was said to have a term of 17 years. At the end of the period in 2019, it was decided to keep the Act in force for another 5 years.

When the Act was framed, its objectives were said to be extortion, obstruction of traffic, damage to vehicles, destruction of immovable and immovable property, robbery, banditry, terror and terror, disorderly situation, obstruction of tenders, intimidation and various other crimes. This law is for trial.

If found guilty in this act, there is a provision of two to five years rigorous imprisonment and fine. Each district has one or more speedy trial tribunals to conduct trials under this Act. t

The Speedy Trial Act provides for disposal of cases within 120 days. If not settled within this period, another 60 days is available.


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