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The sound of gunshots this morning

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The border areas are rocking with bullets and mortar shells as the Myanmar army and insurgents clash. Gunshots were heard across the Ghumdhum, Palangkhali border last night and this Wednesday morning as well.

137 men and women have taken refuge in a school in the slums of Bandarban in the conflict situation on the border. On Tuesday evening, these men and women left their homes and gathered at the school building. Food, water and other issues are being monitored in these shelters through local public representatives.

The sound of gunfire has filled the border villages with fear and panic for almost a week. In the meantime, two people have been killed and at least seven people have been injured in mortar shells coming from the other side in Tambru, Ghumdhum, Palangkhali areas.

Residents say that they cannot stay at home because of the sound of gunshots. Now they are running to safe haven.

The district administration has declared three primary schools of Ghumdhum in Naikshyongchari as shelters for the safety of the common people. Among them, 137 men and women from 28 families from Jalpaitli, Fakiraghona area have taken shelter in North Ghumdhum Government Primary School. The look of fear on the faces of these people gathered to save their lives.

The local Union Parishad is giving essential items including food and water to these asylum seekers. To fill their place, the authorities have planned to close the school for the time being but if necessary.

Deepen Barua, headmaster of North Ghumdhum Government Primary School, said that the decision to stop teaching in the school has not been made yet. But the decision will be based on the number of people who come to take shelter in the school.

Police Superintendent Saikat Shaheen of Bandarban said that the sound of gunshots was heard intermittently from across the border on Wednesday as well. In all these incidents there is panic in the area. However, no one will be forcibly brought to the shelter. The locals will be made aware of the risks.


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