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The shooting of a foreign film based on cricket is going on in Bangladesh

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A new movie is being made on the story of cricket. British producer Dish Hussain is directing it as ‘Catch It’. The whole team of this movie came to Bangladesh after shooting the London part. Here are some parts of it being shot. Last Friday, the movie was shot for a day at Mohammedan Sporting Club in the capital.

The Bangladesh part was directed by the local director Abul Kalam Azad along with Dish Hossain. British-Bangladeshi actor Ifti Ahmed is playing the central role. Earlier, he acted in the film ‘Before I Die’, a joint production of Bangladesh and UK.

Catch It movie is produced by Abzal Mia. He said in Ganamadhyam, ‘The movie is being made based on the game of cricket. Cricket is definitely one of the favorite games of everyone, be it England or Bangladesh. There will be some fun with the game. Through this movie, the audience of England will get to know about the culture and games of Bangladesh. Many things of Bangladesh will be shown through this.’

Actor Ifti Ahmed said about the movie, ‘I have done a movie in Bangladesh before. The first experience was very good; That’s why I came again. Bangladesh is a very great country. Everything from the people here is great. The people I’ve worked with and the team I’m working with now are great. Shooting here is a great experience for me. ‘Catch It’ is a comedy genre movie. It’s not a hero’s story, everyone who is acting here has a story. It cannot be understood without watching the movie.’

Producer Abul Azad Kalam said that the kind of movies made about sports outside the country is also the same. Some parts were shot in London, now in Bangladesh. After a few days, a part will be shot again on a larger scale. Many famous Bangladeshi actors will be seen then.

Catch It is being developed with the aim of releasing on the OTT platform. There is a possibility of release on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Mojahid Hossain, Raju Das, Himu, Faisal Khan Ripon, Arnab Tripura, Mohammad Babu etc. also acted in supporting roles in this movie produced by Movie Mad Films.


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