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The severe winters of Magh are the most vulnerable people

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The most vulnerable people of the capital are in severe winter of Magh. Many spend the night under the open sky. While the city dwellers are looking for ways to escape the cold in Konkan, they have no winter clothes or shelter. Winter is another name of suffering for them. In this situation, the needy are called to stand by with help.

As the temperature drops, the misery of the capital’s uprooted people is increasing. Many spend the night under the open sky. Not enough winter clothes.

50 Chui Chui Mila Begum, collects and sells plastic materials scattered throughout the day. Husband and wife get two meals with that. When the night falls, you have to sleep on the bed on the side of the Panthpath road in the capital. But their suffering increased in severe winter.

Mila Begum tells Independent Television about her suffering.

Mila Begum said, ‘There is no warm clothes to wear, there is no blanket to use at night, I cannot arrange enough food.’

This is how thousands of people who are floating in Konkan this winter spend their nights. Spending the night in the cold on the side of the road, on the pavement, laying paper or cloth or under a tree.

On the footpaths of the capital in the winter night, people are spending the night in tattered clothes.  Photo: Independent TelevisionThere is only one thing in the mouth of these floating people, they cannot sleep at night due to lack of warm clothes in severe winter.

Such floating people can be seen around Central Shaheed Minar, Kamalapur Railway Station, Karwan Bazar and in several areas of Dhaka. Even if they suffer in winter, there is no one to stand by them. Blankets and winter clothes would give them some relief.

Many people are looking for warmth by burning fire by sitting on the side of the road to escape from severe cold.


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