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The secrets of a batch for history

The secrets of a batch for history

In the end it’s a bit of luck because you have to choose the right side,” he said. cloud downplaying himself after saving two decisive penalties to knock down the Inter. However, it would not be a coincidence that it was the third batch that fell on the side of the Simeone’s Atltico in the Champions League (he had already won Bayer Leverkusen in the round of 16 of the 14-15 season and at PSV in the second round of the 15-16, on the way to the final of Miln in which it would be the only time that the eleven meters would be fatal), because behind the new success there is hidden a laborious work and several keys that lead one to think that, although luck has an influence, a lottery has just the right thing.

Oblak obviously had the ultimate responsibility to end up becoming the hroe of the Atlantic, but the work to make the goal smaller for Inter’s throwers had begun much earlier. Specifically, since it was suspected that the tie could be resolved from the penalty spot, a thorough study was initiated among the red-and-white coaching staff to find out the favorite places of those possibly chosen by Inzaghi.

In this sense, Pablo Vercellone, the goldsmith of up to seven Zamoras At Atlético, it was clear to me that it was necessary to know where each and every penalty taken by Inter players had gone, both in a match and in a shoot-out. Hence in cases like that of AlexisFor example, with a long career in football, it would be necessary to go back more than a decade analyzing his shots. In fact, although it is known that today all clubs work with platforms that provide in detail every routine of other teams, on this occasion they went further and also collected information on games and seasons that escape said platforms, consciously the technical body that, in the case of penalties, the pattern adjusts more the more elements of analysis there are.

Oblak, then, came to the game with complete information the way the Inter players had to take penalties. Not only was the focus on how they launched them with Inter, it was also analyzed how they did it in their previous teams. A detailed compilation of data so that, when the time came, he could decide with more arguments how to intuit and fly, as happened at his stop at Klaasento complete all the previous work.

Specialists and “men” to mark

Once Oblak’s part was resolved, the mission of hitting the goal of Sommer, hence those chosen by the red-and-white coaching staff were also studied in detail. It is no coincidence, for example, that the four who came to shoot at Atlético had been chosen by El Cholo to come in as a replacement late in the game. The mental and physical freshness of each person was valued here. Not in vain, the penalty that just finished off Inter would be taken, completely deflected, by a Lautaro who was accusing his legs of the previous 120 minutes of play.

The recipe in this case was determined by a mix between quality and personality. Memphiswhich had been decisive since his entry in the 79th minute, and Correa, who had already taken a brilliant penalty against Las Palmas, responded to the idea of ​​betting on specialists. However, there were other names in which there was the conviction that their legs were not going to shake. That’s where it appeared Salbeyond the fact that he failed, and above all, Riquelme.

Cholo knew that the youth player was carrying the heavy backpack of having sent the ball into the clouds in stoppage time that would have prevented extra time, but also that a bred athlete like him had spent the extra time playing spurred on and trying to make up for his mistake. For this reason, and because of his quality, he would be chosen to transform a penalty that would take an entire training course into a great player. That is also why, combining class, hierarchy and personality, they expected Koke, Azpilicueta and Hermoso to launch the next ones in case the round became long.

Many secrets hidden in a batch carefully worked on and executed by footballers with personality, in the end the key to everything. As an example, the subsequent phrase of a Simeone excited with his team. “Riquelme missing the goal and having the balls to go and kick the penalty and do it…!!! We need that, men,” he revealed.