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The sari went, will the lungi go?

by Afonso
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How many strange things happen in the world. For example, India has taken the GI patent for the sarees of Tangail, Bangladesh. That is, India will get the intellectual property rights of sarees made in Tangail. Bangladesh will be created, the name will be India. But the city of Tangail will remain in this country. It’s like – you take the test, and your flying friend next door passes!

Yes, that never happens, no. There was a time when there was a public (SSC or HSC) examination in our country when there were news of being caught for cheating on the pages of newspapers. One could hear stories of various kinds of expeditionary adventures. Just as Indiana Jones used to discover hidden treasures on the silver screen, so the teachers and magistrates in charge pulled out fakes from the hidden pockets of shirts and pants. There was an era in this country when one person could take another person’s exam. Then maybe one person would have passed the other one. One is arithmetic, and another is multiplication of numbers.

But we have passed that era many years ago. Now, there is not much news about cheating or, in other words, resorting to fake tests. However, the drought of national life appeared in a slightly different form in international life! It happened that you planted date palm trees to eat the juice. He thought, ‘The tree is mine. Surely no one else will come and give a face!’ So he tied the pot to the tree and did not look for it. And in the meantime, the poor boys of the neighborhood broke the bone and took out the juice in another pot in the dark of the night!

The point is, the sarees from Tangail have gone out ‘Bedu Bedu’. And after leaving it was known that we also wanted to claim his global achievement. But oh, we are a little lazy! So in the afternoon, the eyes were a little blurry. A country with a temperate climate, the body may ask for a little sleep. Can be comfortable. This is science. Remember, according to science, it is very possible. But even if Sankranti comes to Shire that we do not wake up, perhaps even Kumbhakarna will not want to believe if he does not see us!

‘So our dreams were stolen in our sleep…’

This is the line that has a somewhat revolutionary image. Protest image has been built, or? Hopefully, you are nodding in agreement. Even if we don’t wake up at the right time, we are not ready to protest at any moment. Even during Vishwagram, we can sleep by snoring. Even if the hippos pass by, our snoring is not interrupted. When the hippopotamus leaves, it stinks up our noses even though it spreads the stench all over the world. And when he wakes up, it is seen that there is no rice on his head. Just then we got into a heated argument about why the hippo walked onto my land. Even if you can’t get around, at least you can heat your mobile or laptop. And Mark Zuckerberg feels the real heat! I don’t think even a nuclear reactor can generate the amount of heat we can generate on his Facebook.

Let him go. Let Zuckerberg understand Facebook’s hotness. Whose thing, his headache. But the fact is that our worries are about other things. He took the saree. We will try to return now. If it returns, it is good. If you don’t return, you will have to worry. But what will happen if the neighbors take ownership of Tangail’s sari, if they get their hands on something else?

Tangail Saree is part of the Bengali tradition of this country. When that too is taken, one day it may be seen that the GI ownership of saree factories will also be taken over by someone else. If there is fear, tell me? What is the guarantee that Tangail will not give a hand in the city? Turns out, Marvel’s Avengers called up the city and put a GI tag on it like in the movie!

The biggest fear is—Abhaman, the traditional dress of Bengal, our sleeping companion, the poor man’s AC, the rich man’s comfort companion, the source of rags for mopping the house, with the uncanny ability to transform into full or half-length at any time, the clothing technology that has turned the heads of the western world, summer- Monsoon-Autumn-Winter-Spring—the skin protector of most men in our country in any season—yes, yes, about the future of that lungi.

No matter how much you say lungi is from Myanmar, lungi is from Indonesia, lungi is from Sri Lanka or Africa, but the best user of this lungi is us in Bangladesh. That lungi must be saved from evil spirits. We will take care of the lungi, and others will put the GI tag—it won’t happen, it won’t happen.

So, let’s wake up before the touch of another’s hand or the tug of our lungi. Otherwise someone else will put a tag (GI or whatever) on your lungi. But then you can’t feel the warmth when you summon Mark Zuckerberg from a congressional hearing and sit him by the fireplace. Because there is a saying – ‘literary knowledge and wealth in the hands, neither knowledge nor wealth is necessary!’


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