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The sale of winter clothes has increased in the capital

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At the end of Paush, bone-shaking winter has settled in the capital. It is difficult to go out without heavy clothes. It is very cold in the house. As soon as you go out to the balcony, it seems that the air of the refrigerator comes and hits you. It has become difficult to go out. In this bone-shaking winter, the sale of winter clothes has increased all over the country, including the capital.

Like the rest of the country, the footpath shops of Newmarket, Farmgate, Gulistan and Mirpur areas of the capital are crowded. Sales also increased almost twice. Starting from the lower and middle class, people of all classes and professions are flocking to these shops. Satisfied buyers as the price is affordable.

Markets, shopping malls and footpaths of different areas of the capital can be seen on the surface, almost every shop is dressed in winter clothes of bold colors and designs. Various sizes and quality of jackets, sweaters, blazers, hoodies, puffy shirts, long sleeve jackets, thick cloth t-shirts, mufflers, caps and other types of winter wear have been arranged.

Some vendors in the Newmarket area say winter wear has not sold well this season. There were no buyers in the election either. Lately, as the winter has increased, the number of buyers has increased.

Various clothes are available starting from 100 taka to 1000 taka. All types of clothing including mufflers, sweaters, jackets, coats have charm. Satisfied buyers as the price is affordable. They say that they have to buy clothes because of sudden winter. The price is also low.

Housewife Sumi Khatun has come to buy winter clothes for her children. He said, the intensity of winter has increased for a week. Everyone had winter clothes from last year. I started wearing that. My son is in college, my daughter is in high school. They insisted on new winter clothes. So I went out in the afternoon to buy their favorite jacket hoodie. The quality of the clothes on the pavement is not too bad. Apart from that, the sidewalks offer desirable clothes

Meanwhile, buyers have shown interest in new domestic clothes as well as cheap old clothes from abroad.


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