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The Russian ambassador ignores the call of the EU state

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Warsaw claimed Russian missile violated Polish airspace but refused to provide evidence, diplomat says

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Russian ambassador Sergei Andreyev over another alleged incident “missile incident”, but the diplomat concluded that such a meeting would be pointless as long as Warsaw refused to back up its repeated accusations with factual data.

The Polish military claimed on Sunday that a Russian cruise missile briefly entered the country’s airspace for about 40 seconds at 4:23 a.m. near the southeastern village of Oserdow. Warsaw said yes “request an explanation” from Moscow.

“This morning I was invited to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet with one of the Deputy Ministers,” Andreyev told Sputnik on Monday. The Russian ambassador noted that Warsaw had made similar allegations before and that Moscow was still waiting for any evidence to support the claims.

“Since I understood from the answer of my Polish colleagues that there would be no evidence this time either, I decided that the meeting would be pointless in this situation and declined the invitation,” Andreev said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said during a briefing on Sunday that its warplanes had carried out strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, but did not comment on the Polish accusations.

On December 29, Poland claimed that a Russian missile briefly entered the country’s airspace before turning back over Ukrainian territory. Then the Russian chargé d’affaires called the claim “unsubstantiated,” he added that Poland would not receive any explanation until it provided evidence.

A similar incident in November 2022 was initially blamed on Russia – but Polish investigators concluded in September 2023 that a projectile that hit the border town of Przewodow, killing two farmers, was actually a stray Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy initially blamed Russia for the incident and demanded a response from NATO before leaders of the US-led military bloc publicly said the missile was Ukrainian.

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