Home News The Russian advance near Ukrainian Avdijivka is losing momentum. They must attack without cover

The Russian advance near Ukrainian Avdijivka is losing momentum. They must attack without cover

The Russian advance near Ukrainian Avdijivka is losing momentum.  They must attack without cover

The Russian advance near Avdijivka in the east of Ukraine is now losing momentum after rapid territorial gains, the American newspaper The New York Times reported. According to him, Ukraine has sent a significant number of soldiers to the area, and the Russians are also forced to attack in the open, where there is nothing to cover them.

When Russia seized Avdiyivka three weeks ago, Kiev and its allies feared that Russian forces would be able to maintain momentum and move towards centers of military importance or other Ukrainian cities.

“But after making rapid gains in the days (after capturing Avdijivka), Russian forces stalled after attacks around three nearby villages,” The New York Times reported.

Fruitless clashes

Fighting in the area has now turned into inconclusive clashes as the sides shift back and forth, according to the US daily. In the past ten days, according to maps based on publicly available sources, Russian forces managed to control only about one square kilometer of territory.


The fighting is currently taking place near the villages of Orlivka, Toneňka and Berdyč. After the fall of Avdijivka, the Ukrainian command spoke of this area as a new line of defense.

“The capture of Avdijivka did not lead to the collapse of Ukrainian positions,” Thibault Fouillet of the French Institute for Strategic and Security Studies told the newspaper. “We don’t see any decisive action or breakthrough,” he said.

Assault pawns

According to analyst Pasi Paroinen from the Finnish project Black Bird Group, which evaluates the situation based on satellite images in open sources, Russian forces are “trying to break through the positions with the help of small assault infantry units, but the Ukrainians are being decimated in the relatively open terrain near Avdijivka”.

However, the initiative on the battlefield is apparently still on the Russian side and, according to analysts, Russian forces could still break through the Ukrainian positions in the near future. This would also be supported by the fact that the absence of the prospect of further American military aid, and therefore the lack of artillery ammunition in particular, has an ominous effect on the Ukrainian defense.

In addition, the Ukrainian army is paying a high price for the current fighting near Avdijivka by apparently sending the best troops there and deploying modern weapons there, the American newspaper noted.

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