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The robot is showing the light of hope

by Afonso
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How can a machine imitate the way people think or behave? If I had been asked this question a decade ago, I might have said, think about it.

I know the way the brain works is still a mystery. However, the way artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed in the last year has completely changed our attitude. In the past year, programs using AI have been developed that can work much more precisely. These programs work somewhat the way humans do. But it is also true that robots still lag behind humans in many ways.

Robots will have to wait a few more years to catch up to humans in terms of dexterity, speed, and cognition. But we can’t imagine how widespread the use of robots could be with the right technology at our disposal. For example, the use of robots to respond to natural disasters can reduce the loss of life for rescue workers. Robots can also help in infectious epidemic situations like Corona.

And if we talk about farms, robots can be used instead of humans in the case of using toxic chemicals. They can work to eat longer than humans.

But I also understand the common people’s concern about the widespread use of robots. Because it has a big negative impact on the society. Many lose their jobs. But I believe that if the government and the private sector come forward to overcome this problem, it can be handled well.

The reality is that our economy has a massive labor shortage. Moreover, there are some jobs which are quite unpleasant for people. Robots can be used for these tasks. So in all aspects if robots are used properly it will be safer, healthier and more productive for us.

For these reasons, I am very optimistic about the work of some start-up robotics technology companies in the country and abroad. These companies are literally bringing the robotics revolution. I would like to introduce you to some such robotics companies.

Agility robotics

The company, based in Oregon, USA, is developing robots that can work in environments similar to those in which humans work. Its size is similar to that of a human. The company says it is the first human-centric robot. The robot can perform many types of logistics simultaneously.

The table

It is a robot company based in Tel Aviv. It is designed to help farmers in their work. This robot can work all day in the field. The automated robot is claimed to be able to fly and pick ripe apples or other fruits.


The company, based in Austin, USA, is developing robots that can perform almost all kinds of daily tasks. It can do a variety of household tasks, starting from lifting and lowering boxes in factories. Moreover, it can be taught new tasks.


California’s Robotics and Mechanisms Lab, or Romella, is developing robots that can navigate rocky and steep terrain. Normal robots cannot walk in such places. It participated in the RoboCup competition held in France in July 2023.

field A.I

I will end today’s discussion with the name of another California-based Roctix start-up company. This is Field AI. The company itself does not make any robots. But robots make hardware for manufacturing companies.

These robots can be built with Field AI hardware, which can sense their surroundings. Able to navigate and communicate without Global Positioning System or GPS on land, air or water.

The article was published in a blog post by Bill Gates. Translated Tamanna-e-Jahan


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