Home News The rise in Spain of "white weekend": the tendency to get married tripling events

The rise in Spain of "white weekend": the tendency to get married tripling events

The rise in Spain of "white weekend": the tendency to get married tripling events

In today’s era, weddings have evolved beyond being simple one-day events to become a extended experience over several days, giving rise to a growing trend known as “Wedding Weekenders”. According to the report of the Wedding Industry by Bodas.netin Spainapproximately two in ten couples opt for this modality, celebrating a multi-day wedding or confirming having organized three different events related to the wedding in the same week.

The motivation behind this trend goes beyond the ceremony itself. The couples desean extend the celebration to enjoy moments further intimate y significant with friends and family. In fact, according to the book Essential Weddings, the excuse for celebrate with beings dear ones It is the second reason most cited by couples for getting married.

One of the fundamental aspects of these extended weddings is the provision of accommodation for the guests. According to data from the same book, around 49% of couples provide accommodationand in more than half of these cases, they prefer that the bedrooms are within it place of celebration. Therefore, the choice of place Suitable becomes a crucial factor for this type of event.

In a context where new generations challenge conventions traditionalsingle-day weddings are being eclipsed by the emerging trend of “Wedding Weekenders”. In 2024, these extended celebrations are set to become a must-have on the wedding scene.

Weekend weddings: A new bridal experience

Contemporary couples are looking for a experience further complete when you get married, and extended weddings offer the perfect opportunity to share memorable moments with your loved ones for several days. In this way, the celebrations are transformed into a series of interconnected events, known as “wedding chapters”.

Among the variants of this type of weddings, stand out

  • Party after the party: Couples love celebration, and the desire to prolong the party is evident. According to the Essential Wedding Book, the second most cited reason for getting married is precisely the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Therefore, in 2024, couples will continue the party once the official ceremony is over, either in the same celebration location or in another destination.
  • Brunch the next day: What could be better than closing the wedding with a mimosa toast? The next day is reserved to continue the celebration with a delicious brunch, followed perhaps by a refreshing pool party to enjoy the sun and company.
  • Destination Wedding: Some couples choose to say “I do” in a city or even another country, turning their wedding into an unforgettable adventure for them and their guests.

Ten perfect places to celebrate a Wedding Weekender

More and more couples choose this celebration format and look for places that offer the perfect environment for your dream wedding. Aspects such as availability of guest accommodations, recreation areas, and the ability to host exclusive events are key considerations when selecting a venue. Here we present ten spaces selected by Bodas.net, all of them awarded the Wedding Awards 2024, based on the opinions of couples who have already lived this experience:

1. Almoguera (Cádiz):This old agricultural farmhouse in Cádiz offers the perfect Andalusian charm for a wedding from start to finish, with ideal spaces for outdoor ceremonies and parties.

2. Castilla Termal Olmedo (Valladolid): This venue not only provides accommodation for the couple and guests, but also offers a variety of spaces, from gardens with a swimming pool to indoor lounges and a chapel for ceremonies.

3. Cigarral de las Mercedes (Toledo): With its versatility, this space offers everything from intimate weddings to large celebrations, in addition to having a resort with 39 rooms and 4 villas for those who wish to stay.

4. El Plantío Golf Resort (Alicante): This resort offers a unique setting for couples who want to celebrate a Wedding Weekender in a luxurious setting. With a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, this venue allows the couple to celebrate their dream wedding with all the comforts of a top-notch hotel.

5. Es Revellar Art Resort (Mallorca): With a history dating back more than 600 years, this estate offers an atmosphere full of charm and tradition, combined with all modern comforts. With 17 rooms to accommodate guests and 7 different spaces to celebrate different parts of the big day, Es Revellar Art Resort offers a unique and memorable experience.

6. Finca Los Sauces (Murcia): This space is the perfect setting to celebrate from the ceremony to the post-wedding, allowing guests to stay in the same place as the couple. With garden areas and an air-conditioned hall with capacity for up to 300 guests, Finca Los Sauces offers a complete and charming wedding experience.

7. Hacienda Molino Blanco (Córdoba): With multiple options for both indoor and outdoor weddings, this hacienda offers a versatile setting for celebrations of all types and sizes. From large weddings to more intimate events in its spectacular patio, Hacienda Molino Blanco offers accommodation for 24 guests, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

8. La Vinyassa (Girona): This space is ideal for couples who want a wedding surrounded by nature. Featuring a large room with bay windows for indoor celebrations, as well as a porch or garden for outdoor events, La Vinyassa offers 10 rooms for guests, including a suite for the couple and a separate room for dressing.

9. Pazo da Touza (Pontevedra): This majestic space evokes the charm and beauty of Galician architecture, with its characteristic balconies and rooms adapted for different sizes of events. With an atmosphere that invites you to dream, Pazo da Touza offers a unique experience for couples looking to celebrate their wedding in a historic and elegant setting.

10. Pazo do Tambre (A Coruña): This imposing Galician-style manor house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and ponds, creating an idyllic setting for any type of wedding. With several spaces available, including 18 rooms to accommodate guests, Pazo do Tambre guarantees an unforgettable wedding experience, whether for an intimate celebration or for hundreds of guests.

These extended weddings not only represent an evolution in wedding traditions, but also the search for more meaningful and memorable experiences for couples and their loved ones. With careful planning and choosing the right venue, Wedding Weekenders promise to be a long-lasting trend in the wedding world.