Home Sports "The right is stuck on the wheels but it is stuck on the wheels"

"The right is stuck on the wheels but it is stuck on the wheels"

"The right is stuck on the wheels but it is stuck on the wheels"

Cso by allusions, given the impact of my last opinion articlebut not by way of clarification, since I still think the same thing, I must say that I so absolutely agree with the axiom “Dura lex, sed lex” (The law is harsh, but it is the law) as with the most unknown phrase of Descartes that says: “Useless laws weaken the necessary ones.”

they worry me (I am referring to the electoral process of the RFEF, for those who find this beginning of the text strange) It is the scenario of infinite provisionality to which the Federation is being forced. due to the continuous legal ups and downs that appear along the way. I insist that I do not know if this is due to a responsible and meticulous monitoring of the regulations (the acceptable Dura lex, sed lex) or to undemonstrable desires to weaken, discredit and delay any progress (the spokes in the wheels to which I refer in my previous article). Specifically, write it like this:

There comes a point when one does not know very well whether the incessant complaints seek only a reasonable and scrupulous application of the regulations. [me consta que en algunos casos es as] or they hide hidden interests, with a suspicious desire to destabilize that dabbles in ‘the worse, the better’.”

It is also appropriate to share here another phrase, little known but quite timely, by Jacques de Lacretelle: “Not everything that is permitted by law is always morally honest”.

At no time was it my intention to arrogate to myself the power to haggle over the lawsalthough I do believe that having to abide by the law does not imply agreeing with it (it happens to me with the Amnesty Law, for example).

That said, I don’t know what will happen with the issue of assembly members who may have lost their status; I don’t know if this Wednesday I will start the electoral process or suffer a new and exasperating delay; I don’t know whether to go ahead with the disqualification claim or not (a note, Mr. Galn, it is uncertain about “nothing about that, without a doubt a complicit silence”: Here is the article published on March 8 and updated on the 11th); I don’t know how (but I sense it) All of this is interfering or compromising the normal development of the Federation’s activity.; I don’t know what consequences in the short or medium term it will have for Spanish football; I don’t know if Pedro Rocha, Carlos Herrera, Eva Parera, Miguel Galn, Javier Lozano, Carlos Surez, Mateu Alemany or someone else will win; I don’t even know if they will show up. If they will attend these, the following, both or neither.

I only know that Spanish football does not deserve any farce.

And I fear that we are headed for it. because honestly, and like many football people, we continue to see pieces in the wheels. Use a Latin language that (although invented) looks better: “Iure haeret in rotis sed haeret in rotis.” Spokes in the wheels legal, but sticks in the wheels.