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The remote town of Khagrachari is changing

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The remote town of Khagrachari is changing. Under the shelter project, the fortunes of the people of the small ethnic groups of the hills are changing with various development initiatives including construction of new houses, fresh water, and the construction of new educational institutions. The administration is working for the development of remote areas by facing various challenges including communication.

The remote village of Dighinala in Khagrachari is as beautiful as the picture. But this village of 67 families living at the foot of the hill was neglected. There was no room for many poor farmers.

Locals get new addresses under Prime Minister’s Shelter Scheme. So far 20 families have got new houses and tube wells. The long-term shortage of fresh water has been eliminated. Apart from this, health services are also provided by building community clinics in villages.

A local resident says, ‘Our village was not like this before. was advanced. A new house has been given here. Village boys and girls do not have to go six kilometers away to study.’

According to another resident, earlier one had to walk for about an hour to collect fresh water from Jhiri. Now there is a tube well next to the house. It is not necessary to fetch water from the tank with difficulty.

Regarding medical services, a local resident says that there was no community clinic in the village. Earlier, if you were sick, you had to go to Dighinala Health Complex, 18 km away. Now health services are available in villages.

Most of the students dropped out soon after primary education due to lack of secondary school. As communication is impassable, the government took the initiative to set up a school here, facing various challenges.

UNO Muhammad Arafatul Alam of Dighinala in Khagrachari district said, ‘It is a remote area. Drop outs are high here. Now that the district administration is a school, students will have the opportunity to study in 19 surrounding villages.

Deputy Commissioner Md. said that the government is working to ensure all kinds of civil facilities including education opportunities, supply of fresh water, health care. Sahiduzzaman He said that setting up a district administration school and college in such a remote village is an extraordinary initiative. This institution will play a major role in preventing the dropout of students in the mountains. Development is changing the impassable length.

More than half of Khagrachari’s 1400 villages are in remote areas.


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