Home Sports The reasons why Alonso and Sainz may be very close to pole in Australia

The reasons why Alonso and Sainz may be very close to pole in Australia

The reasons why Alonso and Sainz may be very close to pole in Australia

Aston Martin and Ferrari can increase their competitiveness evidently in Albert Park this weekend especially one turnthe only gap that seems to leave Red Bull after what was seen in the first two ratings of 2024 and for which Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz could sneak in at dawn on Saturday in Spain (06.00 hours).

There are several factors that come together to give rise to hope and see Max Verstappen lose his first pole of the year, with the two Spaniards lurking: The four DRS zones, the softest Pirelli range and the average load in the carsis needed to contribute to giving more options for Fernando and Carlos in qualifying, and therefore in the race, well the strategy should be to one stop and Melbourne is a route in which Overtaking is very complicated.

Four DRS zones, good for AMR24 and SF-24

The Fourth DRS zone will be introduced in 2023 and although it did not have much impact in the race, because on this track you cannot pass if you do not have more than a second of better pace than your rival, in ‘qualy’ if it was defining. Verstappen based his pole in that element, which last year was much higher than its rivalsdespite having handling problems with his RB19, in sector 3 and the last slow corners.

But now, Red Bull has had competition in that sense. In Jeddahwhen opening the rear spoiler in the enabled areas, The RB20 gained about 23 km/h, but Aston and Ferrari were very close with 21 km/h. The profit for the car has been especially good. Alonsowhich increased its tip by about 7 km/h, with a new element (the wing that helps overtaking) in which more work has been invested in Silverstone in the last year.

That will allow the Asturianon a route in which half of the lap is with the DRS open in qualification, be much closer to Max, Carlos, Checo and Leclerc in the fight for pole. Last year’s disadvantage will be mitigated.

Pirelli softens its choice

In 2023, all cars were capable of doing the full race distance with the hardwhich was then the C2, that is why Pirelli has decided to choose this time C3 as the hardest compound, with C4 as intermediate and C5 as the softest, that is, the three compounds with the highest performance and least durability in the range.

and that can benefit Aston Martin, the car that has the best immediate performance from tires this year in relation to its rhythm, but also to Ferrariwhich has more problems getting its tires up to temperature and is benefited by this change in a asphalt urban very low grip.

On paper, Both Ferrari’s SF-24 and Aston Martin’s AMR24 could be slightly ahead of Mercedes and McLaren this weekend, according to the most important F1 analysts. In the case of Fernando could go from having the fifth car in the race to the thirdwhich would be a good step for his aspirations of getting the first podium.

Ferrari’s aggressive approach

For now, in Ferrari arrive with very high expectations, since the medium load configuration of this circuit can allow them to be closer to Verstappen and Checo in qualifying and in the race. “The Albert Park track is one of the drivers’ favorites and where Ferrari has always had a lot of support. We hope to be in the front zone, which could have a similar order of forces to that seen in Arabia. We intend to take an aggressive approach with the aim of putting pressure on the team that won the first two races,” warns the director of the Scuderia, Fred Vasseur. Ferrari is going high, on a track where Leclerc won in 2022 and where Sainz made a great comeback in 2023, despite the unfair final sanction.

In the case of Alonso, staying just 0.057 off the front row two weeks ago and arriving at a track where his car can express itself better, could mark a turning point for him at the start of the season. Fernando He was sixth on the grid in 2023, 0.6 seconds behind Verstappen, heavily penalized by those four DRS zones that can now benefit you. In the race he was third behind Lewis Hamlton. The one in Oviedo is ‘on fire’ back this season and it’s time to make an important splash.