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The railway sleeper was open in the corner of the eye

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At least 10 feet of line sleepers were open in Jaria Balughat area of ​​Purbadhala upazila on the net corner of Mymensingh-Jaria railway line. Later, the railway department repaired the line after getting the information in the early morning. Superintendent of Police Faiz Ahmed said that the railway sleeper was opened late on Monday night. The basic idea is that miscreants open the slipper for sabotage purposes.

The Superintendent of Police said about the locals that the fishermen informed the police after noticing the opening of the sleeper of the railway line while fishing. Later, when the railway authorities were informed about the matter, the train was stopped. After the railway department quickly repaired the damaged railway line, the train movement on the railway line was restored by 8 am. There were no accidents.

The Superintendent of Police also said that as this railway track was old, the sleepers were normally open, or whether the vandals had left the sleepers open and necessary action would be taken after investigating.

Earlier, on December 20 (Wednesday), miscreants tried to disrupt train movement by leaving a sleeper open on the railway track and setting it on fire at Birampur in Dinajpur. In this incident, the Chilahati to Khulna train border express was at risk of serious accident. On this day, at a place called Kalyanpur, a concrete sleeper was placed on the line and set on fire with dry kachuripana. Later Ansar members saw it and stopped the train.

Last December 14 (Thursday) at Nilphamari, miscreants removed 32 clips from the plate of the Chilahati-Parvatipur railway line, and the Khulna-bound train Simeont Express was at risk of a serious accident. However, due to the vigilance and efforts of the villagers, the train and the passengers of the train were saved.


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