Home News The PSPV pays tribute to former president Puig

The PSPV pays tribute to former president Puig

The PSPV pays tribute to former president Puig

The PSPV-PSOE celebrated this Saturday in Morella (Castellón) a tribute to the former president and general secretary of the party, Ximo Puig, in an event under the name “Gràcies Ximo” in which they highlighted that he has been “able to restore credibility to the Valencian institutions”.

During the event, members of the party, civil society and friends thanked the work done by Ximo Puig, whom they have defended as “Valencianist, federalist and Europeanist.”

The general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE, Diana Moranthas highlighted Ximo’s “work, bravery and temperance” and has assured that for her he is “a school, guide and example to follow”, according to the party in a statement.

You are a president of whom we can feel very proud.which has given meaning to the title of Honorable Molt and I will fight to defend your legacy,” insisted the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities.

For his part, Ximo Puig thanked those present for their words and opted to “work together for a project with a broad vision and future” and stated: “I am the one who has to thank you, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project that is written in the first person plural.”

“I am happy because I know that there will be a future and that there will be a new opportunity to continue progressing,” insisted Puig, who has defended that the Socialist Party “is a generous party capable of opening its doors and generating trust” and has indicated that he is sure that Diana Morant “will be a great president of the Generalitat.”

The former president of the Generalitat and former socialist territorial senator has been appointed as ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in Paris.