Home News The producer announced to follow the path of Islam by covering his picture

The producer announced to follow the path of Islam by covering his picture

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Last September, filmmaker Dayel Rahman uploaded a new picture on his Facebook profile. Where he has a big beard and a hat on his head. But put ‘love’ imo on his face. So that the figure cannot be seen. The creator changed the profile picture in the same way last October.

Contacted today (December 8) to find out about the matter but got no reply. But in the morning he said with a status that he is on the path of Islam.

Builder Dayal Rahman has been associated with construction for 17 years. Apart from numerous plays, he is also associated with the production of several films with historical characters. Actresses Popi, Amin Khan, DA Taib, Ziaul Farooq Apoorva, Vidya Sinha Mim and Tithi Bose of Upper Bengal have worked under his direction.

Dayal Rahman said, ‘I am a small man, guilty and have produced films and dramas for 17 years. I have completed these works for the last nine months. During these 17 years of working, I have met many people and done many things. If anyone has been offended by my words, actions or behavior, please forgive me.’

Regarding his change, he said, ‘I gradually learned a lot about the Islamic way of life. The more I know, the more I am surprised, which is actually the way! Grave after death, accounting and more! Anyway, may Allah protect us. And grant everyone the blessing of veiling, halal and praying.’

Dial’s last completed film was Isha Khan. Where DA Taib acted. In the near future, the director gave his hand in another film called ‘Titumir’. It features actor Nirav Hossain.


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