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The printing presses have become busy around the elections

by Afonso
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Those involved with the printing press are having a busy time in Tangail around the 12th National Assembly elections. He is working day and night to print posters. They are getting some extra income due to extra work. Employees are happy with it. However, due to the increase in the price of various materials including paper and ink, the printing press owners said that they are not making enough profit.

On January 7, after the allocation of symbols for the 12th National Assembly elections, 54 candidates from 8 constituencies are vigorously campaigning in Tangail. Poster-leaflets are being used in the campaign.

The printing press workers are busy making these election posters and leaflets. They said that the printing works are seasonal. Elections actually increase their engagement. So they are working day and night to print posters and leaflets. You get extra money due to this extra work. The workers are happy about it.

One of the printing press workers said, ‘There are small jobs throughout the year. But the election actually increases the work. Then it can be seen that you have to work at night too.’ Another worker said, ‘Working in a festive environment, extra income can be earned by overtime.’

Meanwhile, the owners say that the increase in the price of paper and ink is not yielding the desired profits.

The owner of the printing press said, ‘In elections there is work, there is work pressure. But many take the rest and because the price of paper is too high, the comparative profit is less.

Reducing taxes and VAT on this seasonal business will boost the industry, say district printing association leaders.

General Secretary of Tangail Printing Association Syed Mahmud Tarek Pulu said, ‘If we want to sustain this business, we will request the head of government, if VAT-tax is reduced, the price of paper will come down. Then we can get the normal price of printing.’

About 10 thousand people have been employed around 50 printing houses in the district.


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