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The Prime Minister voted for me: Ferdous

by Afonso
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Voting for the 12th National Assembly elections is underway. Awami League candidate for Dhaka-10 Constituency actor Ferdous Ahmed voted at Dhaka City College Center. He appeared at the polling station at 7:30 am.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her daughter Saima Wazed Putul voted in the same centre. When the polling begins, the Prime Minister casts the first vote.

Meanwhile, Ferdous exchanged greetings with others at the center after voting. He said, ‘I was surprised today. Because honorable Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina came to vote for me. I got the nomination for Dhaka-10 seat on behalf of boat. Everyone in the country knows. But many people may not know – Hon’ble Prime Minister and his family are my voters. Hon’ble Prime Minister arrived just five minutes before 8am. Because he promised, he will cast the first vote when the voting starts. Along came his daughter, the successor, our doll aunt. Two came and voted for me. That means I got two votes in the end. I promised, I will make Dhaka-10 ten to ten; So I got two marks out of ten, I will get the remaining 8 inshallah within the whole day today.’

He also said, ‘The way the honorable Prime Minister gave us inspiration and not only Dhaka-10, but every person in 300 constituencies is waiting to vote, so I believe, everyone will now rush to the center like a tidal wave. I myself will go to vote, my family will go. The enthusiasm I’ve seen so far, the crowd I’ve seen so far—I’m hopeful we’ll bring the boat victory with a huge vote. I promised the Honorable Prime Minister, I will try to get the most votes out of 300 seats and win the boat by evening. Let’s see how much I can keep that word.’

Incidentally, out of 300 constituencies, 299 constituencies are being polled. Because the independent candidate of Naogaon-2 seat, Aminul Islam died, the election of that seat was postponed by the EC.


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