Home News The price of vegetables doubled from wholesale to retail market

The price of vegetables doubled from wholesale to retail market

The price of vegetables doubled from wholesale to retail market

Although the prices of all types of vegetables have decreased in the wholesale raw market of Rajshahi, the retail market has not been affected. The prices of vegetables are doubling or tripling as soon as they come from the wholesale market to the retail market. The seller says that they have to buy at a higher price in the wholesale market. And buyers say, strict monitoring by government agencies is needed to control the market.

On Thursday, Rajshahi Kharkhari wholesale market was visited and found that the price of vegetables in the Kharkhari market is double or triple the price in the retail market. The maximum distance from Kharkhari to Rajshahi Sahib Bazar is 10 km. The price of these vegetables increases up to three times after passing only 10 km.

8 Tk. These days it is being sold in the retail market at the rate of Tk 20 to Tk 25 per kg. Onion is sold at Tk 45 to Tk 50 per kg but is being sold at Tk 60 to Tk 65 in the retail market. 40 rupees of raw chilli in the wholesale market is being sold at 60 to 70 rupees per kg in the retail market. 30 rupees gourd in the wholesale market is being sold at 60 rupees in the retail market.

Meanwhile, cucumbers are being sold at Tk 35 to Tk 40 per kg, down by Tk 10. Lemons are being sold at Tk 25 to Tk 30 per hour. Prices of all types of pulses have decreased except for mung dal. Kesari dal is being sold at Tk 120, lentil at Tk 110, down by Tk 30 per kg. Chickpeas are being sold at Tk 100 per kg with a reduction of Tk 10 per kg. Boiler chicken is being sold at Tk 195 per kg reduced by Tk 15. However, beef and cow meat are available at the same price of 750 and 1100 taka.

Farmer Hafizul of Paba Upazila has come to sell brinjal at Rajshahi Kharkhari Market. He said, ‘It costs 35-40 thousand taka to cultivate one bigha of brinjal. Eggplant has to be sold in the market at Tk 8-10 per kg. My cost of production is far off, the labor with which I brought them to the market will not rise.’

Buyers said that strict monitoring by government agencies is needed to control the market.  Photo: The IndependentWholesale trader Minhajul Islam said, ‘All eggplants are no longer 10 taka. Some brinjals have to be bought at 13-14 taka. On average, I am selling that eggplant for 18-20 rupees.

Rajshahi Saheb Bazar Retail Trader. Siddique said, ‘I am making only 1-3 rupees from the price I bought today. Wholesale prices are getting higher. Also costing to bring. All together we have nothing to do. We will reduce only if the price in the wholesale market comes down.’

Meanwhile, a buyer named Mustaqeem Islam in Saheb Bazaar said, ‘The difference between wholesale and retail market is nothing but manipulation by traders. The government sets the price. I see in my news that the farmers are not getting the price of the products. But in reality that scene does not exist. We have to buy that eggplant gourd for 25-30 taka. I want strict monitoring of government agencies to control the market. Only then will the market come under control.’

If you want to know about these issues, Deputy Director of Rajshahi Consumer Rights Protection Directorate said. Ibrahim Hossain said, “The price of vegetables cannot be said on the wind.” It should be said after seeing it on the ground.’

Rajshahi district market monitoring officer Afrin Hossain said, ‘We are monitoring. Still, so many change hands here that the price is going up. As we went to Bagha two days ago, there was a sale of gourds. The farmers are leaving the gourds without getting the price and going to the market. Meanwhile in Sahib Bazar, gourds are being sold for Tk 20-25 a piece early in the morning. I have linked my market here. Farmers can now sell directly in Sahib Bazar.

The market monitoring officer also said, ‘We are monitoring the 29 products that the government has fixed the price of vegetables. I also monitored yesterday. Hopefully, the price of the product will come down.’