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The price of rice has decreased in wholesale but not in retail

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The price of rice suddenly increased without any reason. Under the pressure of the food minister, the traders have assured to reduce the prices. But its impact has not yet been seen in the retail market. Although the traders claim that the price of rice outside Dhaka has decreased.

A buyer in the capital’s market says that the price of everything, including the price of rice, is increasing in the market. Having to struggle with these.

Although the price of rice has decreased slightly, there is no impact on the capital’s retail market. The sellers claim that it is not possible to sell the rice bought at a higher price earlier. In this situation, operations are being conducted across the country to control the price of rice. Everyone is expecting the price to drop in the retail market within a day or two.

In such a situation, several teams of the Ministry of Food are conducting raids across the country. They said that no businessman will be fined until Sunday. No more excuses after that.

Zainal Abdin, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Food, said, ‘Allready meeting has been held with everyone. I will meet again if necessary. The government is determined in this regard. Where operations are necessary, operations will be conducted to bring prices back to their previous levels.’

Due to the government’s supervision, in many areas including Naogaon, Bogra, the wholesale price of 50 kg bag has come down by Tk 50 to Tk 70. Although the price increased from 150 to 200 taka.

Farhad Hossain, Joint Secretary of Naogaon Rice Owners’ Association, says, ‘The prices of all types of paddy and rice have decreased. The price of paddy has decreased by Tk 50-70. And the price of rice has decreased by 1-2 rupees. But for now there is no order of rice from Mokam.’

According to the government, rice prices are currently 4 percent higher than the same period last year.


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