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The price of Indian onion fell to 80 rupees

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The markets of Chapainawabganj are now occupied by local onions. Three-fourths of the onions in the market are of indigenous varieties. As the supply of domestic onion increases, the market price has also started to decrease. Traders claimed that those who stockpiled Indian onions are counting losses.

On Thursday, domestic and imported onions from India were sold at almost the same price in Chapainawabganj market. India’s onion was sold at the highest rate of Tk 80 per kg. And desi onions were also sold at 70-80 taka.

Abdul Latif Babu, a local onion trader, said, ‘Desi onions can meet the consumer’s needs for another 3 months. There is no need to import onions from India during this period. The syndicate of traders could not make much use of the arrival of summer onions in the market.’

Abdul Latif also said, ‘The market also becomes unstable because of the buyers. If the price goes up a little, they buy more. He who needs 1 kg also buys 5 to 10 kg. And businessmen use this opportunity.’

Meanwhile, those who bought onion imported from India at higher prices and stored it are counting losses. Another onion trader named Mohammad Basir said that three days ago, he bought Indian onions from the Sonamsjid land port of the district at the rate of Tk 150 per kg. Now that onion has to be sold at the rate of 80 taka per kg. 70 rupees loss per kg of onion.

Businessmen said that 8-10 businessmen of Chapainawabganj are facing loss after buying Indian onions.

Deputy Director of District Agriculture Extension Department. Palash Sarkar said that there has been a good yield of summer onion in Chapainawabganj this year. Farmers got 100 to 120 maunds of onion per bigha. As long as this onion is in the market, there will be no need to import Indian onion.


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