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The price of beef is reduced even in the capital

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Beef is being sold at Tk 650 per kg in most markets of the capital. However, some shops are selling at 600 taka per kg. The prices of broiler chicken and vegetables have increased due to rains during the week. The sugar crisis is not over.

It has been seen on the ground that the crowd of buyers in the beef shops in all the markets of the capital is eye-catching. Sales have increased more than before for the last two-three weeks as prices have reached a certain level. It has been seen that beef is being sold at Tk 650 per kg in most of the markets including Karwan Bazar and Hatirpool in the capital.

Last Wednesday, traders proposed to the government to sell beef at Tk 650 per kg. This decision was taken in a meeting of Dairy Farmers Association and Meat Traders Association in Mohammadpur of the capital that evening. However, no decision has come from the government yet. However, in Shajahanpur market, beef is available at Tk 595. The sales have also increased several times.

With the unbridled rise in food products, the price of beef also went beyond the reach of the common man. The price per kg exceeds 800 rupees. As the price increases, the demand for beef also decreases at some point. As a result, the price started to decrease at the end of last November. Depending on the market, the price is reduced to 600 to 700 taka. In the meantime, traders offered to sell beef at Tk 650 per kg last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, increasing the sale of beef has reduced the demand for fish. The price has decreased by about 20 rupees per kg compared to last week. However, with an increase of Tk 10 per kg, broiler chicken has to be bought at Tk 180 to Tk 190. Due to the rain, the prices of beans, cauliflower and green chillies have increased by Tk 5 to Tk 10 per kg. There is no crisis in the market of packets of sugar. One has to pay 150 taka per kg to buy open sugar.


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