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The president’s hair will be sent to space!

by Afonso
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There was a time when people looked at the sky from the ground and wondered how the world would be there, whether they would ever be able to go there. But now scientists have made this thought a reality. Now people are comfortably going to space, watching the world from there. You can also feel how astronauts see the universe. But now a strange thing is going to happen in space. Hair samples of three American presidents are being sent into space. The process has already started. But why scientists suddenly chose the hair!

Whose hair is being sent
Hair samples of US presidents John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Washington will be sent into space later this month by United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket. All three presidents are dead. A company called Celestis works to send cadaver samples into space. The same company is going to send hair samples to three presidents. These samples will be sent to space by the Enterprise flight of Celestis.

Why is it being sent?
According to Celestis Chairman Colby Youngblood, DNA samples from the three presidents are being sent on a historic mission into space. They will also be honored. One of the main reasons for sending DNA samples from dead presidents into space is to learn more about American history, the company said. Which will help the future generation to know a lot.

The cost of sending DNA into space
Celestis has previously worked to send DNA and various remains into space. The company charges 3000 dollars i.e. 3 lakh 28 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency for this. But this is the minimum charge. It may cost more. This company was established in 1994. The company has since launched 17 flights and sent human DNA samples into space for testing.

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