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The President went to his hometown and chatted

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President Md visited his favorite city, Lakshmi Misthanna Bhandar, Paradise Sweets and Pabna Diabetic Society and Press Club. Sahabuddin. He chatted with his friends and former colleagues. At this time, he laughs and laughs.

After assuming office as the President, the President visited his district Pabna for the third time on Tuesday. Sahabuddin. After reaching Pabna in the afternoon, go out in the evening to explore your favorite places. First he went to the Pabna Diabetic Society. After spending some time there with friends, walked to Lakshmi Sweets Store and Paradise Sweets. Exchanged skills with known and loved ones there.

Then the President went to the Pabna Press Club around eight o’clock. There he exchanged greetings with the journalists and joined the conversation with friends who were once journalist colleagues. He laughs and laughs as he reminisces about the old days.

At that time, the people of the area were overwhelmed with emotion when they got close to the President.

The President landed at Ishwardi Airport by helicopter on Tuesday afternoon on a three-day visit. Sahabuddin. He will participate in some local programs during the visit. He is scheduled to return to Dhaka on January 18.


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