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The pilot was beaten up for delaying the departure of the plane

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A passenger severely beat the pilot after giving such a message to the passengers that the departure of the plane will be delayed. Such an incident happened in an Indian Indigo Airlines flight. A video of this incident has spread on social media.

According to the report of the Indian media NDTV, the incident took placeIndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa. When the first pilot scheduled to fly the aircraft failed to arrive, a new pilot was brought in to replace him. Later, a passenger slapped the pilot after the new pilot announced that the flight would be delayed by an hour. However, it was not confirmed that such an incident took place on the exact flight of Indigo Air.

After watching the video, a user of social media X wrote, “What is the fault of the pilot or crew in leaving the plane late?” They just do their duty. That person should be arrested and never allowed to board a plane.

Flight tracker website Flight Radar 24 reported that the incident happened at Delhi airport. Because there are 110 flights left late. Apart from this, 79 flights have been cancelled.


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