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The patient was playing the guitar during surgery in the operation theatre

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Imagine the scene. A patient is lying on the operating theater table. He is undergoing brain surgery. And in the meantime he is playing the guitar. In reality, this happened in a hospital in Florida, USA.

US media Fox News reports that Christian Nolen, a patient at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, continued to play the guitar during brain surgery. He was asked to play guitar by the neurological team at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami.

“Christian was having issues with the left side of his body, specifically his left arm,” Riccardo Comoter, managing director of Sylvester’s brain tumor program, told Fox News. This problem was hampering his ability to play the guitar.’

Doctors say, ‘When a tumor is close to a critical part of the brain, we want to perform the surgery while the patient is awake to monitor him continuously. Doctors do not get adequate response from the patient if they are unconscious during such surgery.’

Nolan was reportedly put to sleep before the surgery. He woke up during one of the surgeries. After a few minutes he was allowed to play a guitar. Describing the feeling of playing the guitar during surgery, Nolen said, “I had to stay calm during that time.”

The doctors said that they were repeatedly looking at Christian’s hand during the tumor surgery. “Fortunately, we were able to remove the entire tumor and there was no damage to his hand,” said a doctor.

Exception Noel had to face some complications after this surgery. But now he is fully recovered and now he can play the guitar well.


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