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The passport of Bangladesh remained at the bottom

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The most powerful passports in the world are those of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. This information is reported in the Henley Passport Index, the world’s most-recognized passport rating.

Meanwhile, North Korea is jointly with Bangladesh in the 97th position in the list of strongest passports in the latest index. However, in last year’s quarterly edition of the Global Passport Index, Bangladesh’s passport was ranked 96th in the list.

The Hanley & Partners index of passport strength is based on data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) about how many countries passport holders can enter without an advance visa.

In 2024, the strong passport index has risen to the top, the position of Bangladesh has decreased by one step compared to last year. Bangladesh’s passport ranks 97th as of 2024 in the Henley Index, the world’s most-recognised passport rating.

A total of six countries in the world jointly occupied the top position in the index of the most powerful passports in the Hanley index this year. And these six countries are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain. Citizens of these countries can travel to 194 destinations around the world without a visa or on arrival visa.

For the past 19 years, the organization has been publishing rankings every year on how strong the passport of any country in the world is. This index is published every three months.

In this list, the country of Nepal is 98th in South Asia, Pakistan is 101st and Afghanistan is 104th.

Maldives has the most powerful passport among South Asian countries. They are ranked 58th in the index. They have visa-free access to 94 countries. Apart from this, passports of India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are ranked 80th, 87th and 96th respectively in the index.

The bottom five countries on the list are Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.


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