Home News The parliamentary groups begin their work in Galicia with disagreements over Altri

The parliamentary groups begin their work in Galicia with disagreements over Altri

The parliamentary groups begin their work in Galicia with disagreements over Altri

This morning the Parliament of Galicia hosted the celebration of the first meeting of spokespersons of the XII Legislature. A meeting in which the president of the Chamber, Miguel Santalices, communicated the calendar proposal advanced last week for the investiture of Alfonso Rueda, which has been validated today and which will close with his inauguration as president de la Xunta next Saturday, April 13th.

The board of spokespersons has also made it possible to configure the composition of commissions and permanent deputation reflecting the results of the elections of February 18.

In this sense, the parliamentary group of Popular Party will occupy nine seats on the commissions, the BNG will have five and the PSdeG will see its presence reduced to two. Armando Ojea, representative of Democracia Ourensanahas shown its willingness to participate in all of them, with the probable exception of the Fisheries commission “for obvious reasons”, since Ourense is the only Galician province without a coast.

Thus, and after the confirmation of the investiture calendar, the Parliament of Galicia will host on Wednesday April 16 the solemn opening session of the XII Legislature already with the government fully operational in the blue chairs of the chamber.

Others mark the beginning

At the conclusion of the Meeting, the parliamentary spokespersons evaluated the meeting, analyzing some of the current issues in Galician politics. In this sense, the popular Alberto Pazos has advocated because in the legislature “Galicia continues to be a reference of stability and serenityfar from the hubbub that state politics is experiencing due to the weakness of the Sánchez Government.”

In this framework, the popular spokesperson has shown himself open “to studying and negotiating all those proposals that are sent to us and that are positive for the entire Galician society”, although he has regretted that “we are already verifying that the moderate attitude that the BNG showed during the campaign that it ended precisely on election day,” in reference to the nationalist position in the Altri conflict.

A project by Altri that, as the first vice spokesperson of the bloc in Parliament, Olalla Rodil, has recognized, will be one of the priority issues for the BNG at this beginning of the legislature.

Rodil, who has warned of the “decisions of enormous significance” that the Xunta is taking these days, despite the fact that the Government is still in office, has criticized “the strong support for the Altri project” which, in his opinion, if is installed “will mean enormous damage due to the enormous environmental, social and economic impact it will have on the area and on the whole” of Galicia.

The socialist Gómez Besteiro has also spoken about Altri, who in his speech after the meeting of spokespersons, and to questions from the media, has indicated that the Xunta “will have to report” about the project that they themselves defended about two years ago so that citizens have information about its environmental and economic viability.

Besteiro has demanded that the “strategic importance” given to this plant and the differences between the promises and the real project made public be justified.

Likewise, he has pointed out that “firmness, forcefulness and a spirit of control” will mark the role of the Galician socialists from the opposition with the objective that the Xunta “raise the level of its proposals” and with the horizon of shielding the public services for the benefit of all Galicians.