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The opposition leaders who are in discussion in the election

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Apart from the Awami League, the Jatiya Party, Trinamool BNP, Jatiyatabadi Andolan, Krishak Sramik Janata League and Kalyan Party are in discussion in this election. Among them, only GM Quader of Plow and Syed Mohammad Ibrahim of Watch are in relief. On the other hand, Quader Siddiqui, Taimur Alam Khandaker and Mohammad Shahazan will have to take the challenge of boat candidates. They have to burn a lot of wood to win.

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader is contesting from Rangpur-3 constituency after almost two years. As Awami League has withdrawn the candidate of boat from this seat, he is not in a tough competition. Jasder Shahidul Islam and third gender independent candidate Anwara Islam Rani are among the other 5 candidates in this seat.

Krishak Sramik Janata League president Quader Siddiqui is contesting from Tangail-8 constituency. After 2001, he did not see the face of success here. This time too he has to take up the challenge of stopping the current Member of Parliament Anupam Shahjahan. He is not very comfortable in the polling field.

Kalyan Party came to the polls out of BNP alliance. Chairman of the party, Syed Mohammad Ibrahim, is contesting from Cox’s Bazar-1 seat on the wristwatch brand. Here, the candidate of the boat, Saladin Ahmed, has been canceled, so he is independent. The dream of this former army officer who joined politics in 2007 to become a member of Parliament may come true as there is no strong rival.

However, the general secretary of Trinamool BNP Taimur Alam Khandkar has a different picture. He is contesting from Narayanganj-1 constituency. Here he will have to be challenged by Awami League’s three-time member of Parliament, Jute and Textiles Minister Golam Dastgir Gazi. That is why former BNP leader Taimur’s fight to win the vote is very difficult.

Bangladesh Nationalist Movement (BNM) was formed out of BNP. General secretary of the party Mohammad Shahjahan is contesting from Chandpur-4 constituency on the anchor symbol. His rival here is the current MP boat marker Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman. Independent candidate former MP Dr. Mohammad Shamchul Haque Bhuiya. It will be very difficult for the BNM chief to win this three-way fight.

On November 15, the election commission announced the schedule of the 12th national parliament election. In the meantime, the candidates have started campaigning after getting the symbols. Covered with banners and posters. The campaign will continue till 8 am on January 5.

According to the schedule, the polls will be held on January 7. 28 political parties out of 44 EC registered parties are participating in this election. However, BNP and other like-minded parties are not participating in the election.


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