Home News The ‘news’ spread again about the news of Poonam’s ‘death’

The ‘news’ spread again about the news of Poonam’s ‘death’

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There are various information about the death of Indian actress Poonam Pandey. The news of his untimely death shocked fans. Meanwhile, the family members are still not opening their mouths on the rumors of his death. In such a situation, the haze created around Poonam’s death has been increased by a report from Zoom TV.

The media claims that Poonam died not of uterine cancer, but because of excessive drug consumption! Even this media said that very soon they will publish detailed information about this.

Apart from this, Poonam’s bodyguard Amin Khan’s comments also spread speculation. The death of the actress is unbelievable to him. He said in the Indian media, ‘I can’t believe this news at all. I am trying to contact his sister. I was shocked when I saw the news. Also did a photo shoot with Rohit Verma on 31 January. He seemed fit and fine. I did not see any signs of illness. I will confirm by talking to his sister.’

Incidentally, the news of Poonam’s death was claimed by manager Nikita Sharma on Friday (February 2) morning. However, he did not reveal anything in detail about the matter. On the other hand, no one has confirmed the matter from the actress’s family. Due to this, the truth of the death has been created.

It should be noted that Poonam Pandey has repeatedly been involved in controversy with bold clothes or straightforward words. She is also called controversy queen in Bollywood. But how a spirited girl who lived her life on her own terms went quietly suffering so much physical pain, Bollywood stars have commented on it!


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