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The newcomers could not score even in the empty field of drama

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Rebirth is the final phase
‘Rafsan Haq’s cooking!’—this dialogue has gone viral on social media. The origin of the word in the minds of netizens is mainly from the creator Vicky Zaheed’s ‘Punarjanm’ universe. After the first airing of the drama in 2021, the dialogue returned to word of mouth. The Rebirth franchise became popular. In continuation of this, ‘Rebirth Final Episode’ was released on Eid-ul-Azha this year. The third installment also captivated the audience. As always, Mehzabeen Chowdhury and Afran Nisho are praised. Apart from this, Shahed Ali, Naushaba Ahmed and Abdullah Al Sentu in other roles also caught attention in it.

Female 3
‘Female 3’ is a play based on the brotherhood culture of Mohalla. It came into discussion soon after its release last Eid al-Adha. Especially, the audience was very excited about Sharaf Ahmed’s life as ‘Labu Commissioner’. Other characters also gained popularity. Apart from Jeeban, Marjuk Russell, Mishu Sabbir, Ziaul Haque Palash, Chazhi Alam, Suman Patwari, Shimul Sharma, Pavel, Musafir Bachchu and others acted in this drama. The drama has 31 million views on YouTube so far.

close people
Producer Imraul Rafat has portrayed the crisis of lower-middle class families in this drama. After the death of the father, the conflict between the three brothers and sisters started, a drama based on such a story ‘Kachher Mansoom’. The casting was also amazing. Ziaul Farooq Apurba and Tausif Mahbub shared the screen. There was also a lot of craze among the audience for the drama to have these two top actors together. Apart from this, it featured Tanya Barshi, Monira Mithu and Sharaf Ahmed Jiban.

Stingy 2
At the beginning of this year, Tanjin Tisha gave a surprise in the drama ‘Kanjus’. Most of the time this actress is seen in romantic roles but she was an exception in this. She caught the attention of Neelu, Tepangeer’s wife in Harkipat. And Mushfiq and Farhan caught attention as the main character Tepangir. The audience was impressed by the chemistry of these two stars. In continuation of this, the sequel of the play ‘Kanjus 2’ came on last Eid. In this too, they collected sky-high praise. However, some of the netizens also raised questions about the actors overacting in it. Despite these discussions, the current YouTube views of this play, directed by Mahidul Mahim, are around 22 million.

the grave
A couple of years ago, a miracle happened in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, which created an uproar in the entire country. The story of this play is inspired by that true incident. Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Tasnia Farin acted in the drama ‘Kabar’ directed by Rafat Majumder Ringkur. There was a huge frenzy among the fans of these two stars about the play on social media. Through this, Farin is once again praised for his acting.

Eats in place, breaks in place
The drama was released last Eid-ul-Azha. After a long time, actor Musharraf Karim returned to the theater as himself through this. In ‘Jaygay Khay, Payaty Break’, filmmaker Zakyul Islam Ripon has presented the story of a couple who came from the village to the capital Dhaka. He has resorted to humor to illustrate the story. And immediately after its release, Musharraf Karim and Tanya Barshti came to the discussion. 18 million viewers have watched the drama on YouTube so far.

Half of the collar
This year Mushfiq-Tisha duo has responded to almost every drama. At the beginning of the year, they played in ‘Kanjus’. Then its sequel caught the attention of the fans. And this pair was also appreciated in the play ‘Kolizar Adhakhan’ which was released in September. Various short video clips become viral. Although the drama is composed with various humorous dialogues, it makes the audience cry at the end of the day. Directed by Miftah Anan, the drama has been watched by 23 million viewers on YouTube.


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