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The new coach came and said, Brazil should forget Neymar and move on

by Afonso
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Darifau Jr. has been appointed as the coach of Brazil. The Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) officially announced the appointment of the 61-year-old coach as Neymar’s coach last night Bangladesh time.

However, the mantra that Darifau Jr. chanted for Brazil to move forward after taking over suggests that he is insisting on the Brazilian team learning to play without Neymar. Brazil should learn to move forward without Neymar, Darifau said.

Hearing this much, Neymar fans may be shaken to the core. Darifau Jr. is going to be the coach of Brazil – since this news was confirmed, the news of Darifau’s sacking from Santos due to trouble with Neymar in 2010 has been discussed again, after that Darifau said that he has to learn to live without Neymar in charge of Brazil. So the new coach of Brazil is saying something out of old anger?

If any Brazilian or Neymar fan thinks like this, they are wrong. Why? It is explained in the words of Darifau Jr., ‘Brazil should learn to forget Neymar and move on, because he is injured now. We have one of the three best players in the world (Neymar), (when Neymar returns from injury) then we can build the team around him.’

Brazil coach is not thinking about Neymar before he is fit, ‘Neymar is a very important player for us, but before that he has to be fully healthy, fit, fully focused!’

Neymar is currently sidelined for a long time with an ACL injury, and is not playing in the Copa America next June. Darifou has to make plans without Neymar already.

After that, Brazil has become over-dependent on Neymar for a long time, many believe that Brazil is doing more harm than good. Stopping Neymar makes it easier to stop Brazil. In that case, the new coach of Brazil is supposed to emphasize on teaching Brazil to play without Neymar.

However, it may be a relief for Neymar fans that Darifau Jr. said otherwise, when asked about Santos’ past feud with Neymar, he said, ‘I don’t have any issues with Ney (Neymar). None of us expected the situation at that time. The Santos board has taken a decision, we accept it. This is it! There was never any trouble between us.’


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