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The most even duel in the Euroleague?

The most even duel in the Euroleague?

Lkey moments come to the continental floor, given that there are only a few days left in the Euroleague to decide who will compete in the final playoffand there are still a few teams that would be pushing their options to enter the select group of teams.

The Fountain lives on Wednesday, March 20, a completely direct duel between two teams that are very evenly matched from a statistical point of view. Valencia Basket and Bayern Munich, or what is the same, 11th and 12th in the Euroleague table. Is it impossible for them to enter those eight teams? Surely both Alex Mumbrú’s team and Pablo Laso’s team will fight until the end for a place, even though it is very difficult for them.

After losing 30 with him Fenerbahce; of 13 against him Bologna y Olympiakosthose from Mumbrú want to give a twist to their current dynamic and return to the path of victory at the expense of the Bavarians.

For their part, those of the former Real Madrid coach have just won at Zalgirito lose in Ephesus forcefully and to impose itself on the Red Star.

How are the forecasts?

In Interwetten they question an alleged favoritism of the Bayern Munich in favor of the local team, the Valencia Basket. The victory of those from Mumbrú has a share of 1.55while the victory of Laso’s men reaches 2.30.

Likewise, the predictions always give the Valencians victorious in each of the four quarters. Always with the same fee: 1.80; While the Germans score more points than the Spaniards, it is paid 2.15.

The result at half-time is paid to 1.70 Let Valencia be the one to go ahead. Furthermore, the quarter that is expected to have the most points is the initial one, with a quota of 3.30. On the other hand, Interwetten predict a result of around 80 points. Let Valencia win with less than 80.5 points and win with more than 78.5 is paid to 1.70