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The ministry is taking a 100-day program to protect the environment

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The Ministry of Environment and Forests is undertaking a hundred-day program to protect the environment. In this regard, the main importance is given to de-encroachment of forests, rivers and water bodies, control of air pollution, use of polythene and stop cutting of hills. Plans are also underway to increase penalties for those who violate environment and wildlife protection laws. Environment and Forests Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury informed about his work plan after assuming the new responsibility.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Forest and Environment, 2 lakh 57 thousand 158 acres of forest land in the entire country have been occupied. The number of occupants is more than 160 thousand. Houses, factories have been built there. The two banks of the river and water bodies were not excluded from the occupation.

The use of banned polythene is not stopping. This is intensifying the river canal pollution. Biodiversity of forest is being destroyed by indiscriminate felling of hills. Coming to the new responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the minister informed about the 100 day plan. He said that air, noise or water pollution of any element of the environment not only harms the environment but also poses a great risk to public health.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury said that there are laws to protect the environment and wildlife. But there are several weaknesses in its application. Therefore, the law is increasing the punishment. The ministry will also work with the media to protect the environment. The minister also said to cooperate with each other in information exchange.

Environment and Forests Minister also said, “Mujib Climate Development Plan” needs to work in coordination with 25 ministries. In this case, it will be difficult to work without the support of other ministries.


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