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The ministries and departments are under the Prime Minister

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Awami League president Sheikh Hasina has taken oath as the prime minister for the fourth time in a row. Apart from the Prime Minister, 25 Ministers and 11 Ministers of State have taken place in this year’s Cabinet. Their vows have already been completed. Among the 25 ministers sworn in, 12 are new faces. On the other hand, out of the 11 state ministers, seven people are the first.

The responsibilities of the ministries and departments have also been distributed among the ministers and state ministers. In the new cabinet, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has placed six ministries and departments under her.

It can be seen from the notification issued by the Cabinet Department allocating the offices of the Ministers-State Ministers, the Cabinet Department; Ministry of Defence; Department of Armed Forces; Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources; The Prime Minister has kept the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labor and Employment to himself.

Among them, only Nasrul Hamid has been given the responsibility as the state minister of power department.

Awami League led by Sheikh Hasina has been elected for the fourth consecutive time by getting 222 seats in the 12th National Parliament Election. Independent candidates won 62 seats. Jatiya Party won 11 seats. And Walkers Party, Jasad and Bangladesh Kalyan Party won one seat each.


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