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The message that the United States gave about the new sanctions on Bangladesh

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The US State Department has expressed concern about the fake news (deep fake news) related to the elections in Bangladesh. Matthew Miller, the spokesman of the office, said this in response to questions from reporters at a briefing on Wednesday local time.

Recently the British media Financial Times has published an investigative report on Bangladesh. Where they are saying – in view of the upcoming dummy elections, the ruling government of Bangladesh is using artificial intelligence against the United States and the opposition parties in Bangladesh to carry out planned disinformation including fake news and fake videos. Whether the United States will take any action on this matter or what is the position of the office?

In response, Matthew Miller said, “We have seen fake news related to elections in Bangladesh. This is being done around the world using AI. It can affect democratic processes.

Asked whether any new sanctions will be imposed against Bangladesh before the elections to be held on January 7, Miller said, ‘I will not announce any new sanctions today. And we don’t openly review new bans before we issue them.

Recently, six international human rights organizations called upon the international community to stand up to protect basic rights in Bangladesh. On the other hand, the foreign minister of Bangladesh and his deputy are claiming that they can also manage the United States. He mentioned that the United States will support the government after the formation of the government. What is your response to that?

In response, Miller said, “We are deeply concerned by reports of mass arrests and torture in prisons of thousands of opposition party members.” We call on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid violence. We call on the Government of Bangladesh to work with all stakeholders to create conditions in which all can participate freely in the pre-election and election environment without fear of violence or reprisals.


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