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The message Avantika’s suicide conveys

The message Avantika’s suicide conveys

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we have no choice but to sigh. When we suddenly hear the news of someone’s suicide, we feel this way. Have we ever wondered? People decide to commit suicide when faced with any situation. Who does not want to live in this green soil? But in the life of people there comes a time of great new moon. Then you can’t handle yourself in very difficult situations, you feel helpless. At one point, unable to control himself, he turned away from the world and decided to commit suicide.

People do not decide to commit suicide in a day. Bored with life, some are forced to take this decision. The question may arise, suicide cannot be the end of life. The one who decides to commit suicide has the answer to this question. Suicide means leaving the world forever. He knew this. A suicidal person usually makes this decision when he feels helpless. He may suffer from such a situation that he no longer wants to live out of disgust with life. Therefore, leaving the proximity of close people or loved ones behind, pulls death closer.

In this age of information technology, we are becoming increasingly self-centered. It is very necessary not to try to know how the day of the colleague sitting next to the shadow is going. Most of the time we are busy with ourselves. I don’t care about the happiness and sadness of family or work people. Therefore, we are not able to play a role in building a humane society with a sense of humanity.

Not too long ago. Fairuz Sadaf Avantika, a law student of Jagannath University, committed suicide at her home in Comilla on Friday night, three days ago today. Before committing suicide, he gave a status on social media Facebook. Then he left the illusion of the world. What was that status? In Status, he alleged harassment against one of his classmates and the assistant proctor of the university.

The status of Avantika’s complaint reads, ‘If I ever commit suicide, my classmate Amman Siddiqui, and Jagannath’s assistant proctor Deen Islam, who supports him, will be solely responsible for my death. Complained to the proctor’s office about Amman putting me offline, online at risk, to no avail. Assistant Proctor Deen Islam scares me in many ways. He said he will expel me for Amman. I know I will not get any justice here.’

Avantika’s status shows that she wanted to live. He was a fighter. But because of Evtizer Amman’s back against the wall, he hanged himself to death. But before his death, he informed that this step of his is not suicide, it is murder, technically murder. For this reason, he also wants justice from the vice-chancellor of the university, Sadeka Halim.

In this incident, Avantika’s mother complained that the girl did not get justice even after seeking remedy for mental harassment. And this is why his daughter committed suicide. According to Avantika’s brother, her sister was often mentally disturbed over the harassment issue at university. The students of Jagannath University complained publicly on Facebook about this incident and said that Avantika had complained against her classmate Amman in the proctor’s office 2 years ago. But he did not get a solution, on the contrary, he was subjected to mental torture.

Avantika’s mother filed a case demanding justice for her daughter’s death. Tahmina Begum stated in the statement of the case lodged at Comilla Kotyali Police Station, ‘Fairuz Sadaf Avantika (24) was studying for Masters in Law at Jagannath University. My daughter got seat in Jagannath University hostel as per merit list. Avantika told me that her classmate Raihan Siddique Amman sexually harassed her in various ways. And even after informing the former assistant proctor of the university, Deen Islam, he did not take any action against Amman, on the contrary, he insulted my daughter with obscene language on behalf of Amman. That’s why my daughter didn’t think it was safe to stay in the hostel and started staying in the girls’ mess near the university. But even that did not stop the two. They keep track of Avantika’s movements through some of her classmates. Through them, my daughter was also subjected to mental abuse in various ways. Meanwhile, Avantika moved to Comilla’s house on March 14. But even after coming to Comilla, the girl did not find peace. Unable to bear their mental torture, they hanged themselves.’

The university administration acquitted the accused assistant proctor Deen Islam and expelled Amman Siddiqui in connection with Avantika’s death. DB Police arrested accused Amman and Assistant Proctor Deen Islam in this incident yesterday evening. However, before this, the accused assistant proctor Deen Islam made a statement asking him to make a decision and comment on the suicide incident after knowing the correct facts. He was arrested an hour later.

There are many reasons for suicide in our country. Social degradation is the major reason. Those who come from the village to study in the big buildings of the city, have many dreams in their minds. But due to various reasons, some of them chose to commit suicide because they could not survive against the tide.

Moreover, if counseling can be given to those who are prone to suicide, then the tendency to commit suicide could be reduced to a large extent. Most of the universities in our country do not have any counseling system to improve mental health. Which is very important in a higher education institution. If the administration of the university will not look at the mental health of students, then who will? However, not only universities, but students from school to university level are required to undergo mental health screening every month. In this case, educational institutions can take the help of psychologists.

Dr. doctor and counselor professor. Sanjida Shahria thinks, ‘Avantika’s suicide is telling the society that women’s rights and women’s freedom are still on paper but not in the mind. Even if students or teachers commit crimes in universities, criminals get away with it because of the culture of impunity. We do not know to what extent the newly fatherless girl chooses self-immolation as a language of protest when she is bewildered by pain. But in this case, our emotions are like a bottle of Coca-Cola. There will be a lot of voicing and writing for the first few days. Then again one day we will open the newspaper in the morning and we will see the news of another Avantika. So it is important to ask myself, am I raising my son as a predator?

According to a survey conducted by private organization Anchal Foundation, a total of 513 students committed suicide in 2023. Among them, the rate of female students is high, 60.2 percent. Apart from this, among the students who committed suicide last year, 204 were boys and 309 were female. The study also found that 227 school students (44.20 percent) committed suicide in 2023. There are 140 college students (27.2 percent), 98 university students (19.1 percent) and 48 madrasa students (9.4 percent).

Analyzing the reasons for most suicides in the survey, it can be seen that 28.8 percent committed suicide due to pride, 16.5 percent due to love affair, 8.4 percent due to mental imbalance, 7.1 percent due to family quarrels, 3.9 percent due to sexual harassment, 4. 2 percent due to academic stress and failure, 1.6 percent due to family violence, 0.6 percent due to humiliation and 2.9 percent due to not getting the desired result committed suicide.

Professor Dr. Sanjida Shahria says, if someone in the family is suicidal, give him time, stand by him and treat him like a friend. If anyone can help with what is causing her suicidal thoughts, please contact her. Also seek professional counseling or medical advice for his health and well being.