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The magistrate deleted the photo with the journalist’s mobile phone

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Executive Magistrate (General Branch) Sabiha Sultana Doli of the Deputy Commissioner’s office conducted the mobile court at the private clinic and diagnostic center in Manikganj. Allegations have been raised, at that time, he took the journalist’s mobile phone and deleted them through the police as he was taking pictures for publishing the news.

This incident took place during the raid at Pulse Clinical Laboratory in Wireless Gate area of ​​Manikganj on Sunday afternoon.

The name of the victim journalist is Asif Khan Monir. He is the representative of Manikganj district of national daily ‘Yayyayydin’ newspaper.

Journalist Asif Khan Monir said, ‘I contacted a representative of the team after learning that the mobile court will be run in the private hospital. He asked me to go to a private clinic. Then I went there and took two to three pictures on my mobile while conducting the mobile court for the purpose of publishing the news. At that time Executive Magistrate Sabiha Sultana Dolly asked my identity. Then I introduce myself as a journalist. Still he ordered the present policemen to take my mobile phone and delete the pictures. Then the policemen took away my mobile phone and deleted the pictures. When I asked the reason for the ban on taking pictures, Executive Magistrate Sabiha Sultana Dolly told me – if you want to take pictures, bring the written permission of the DC sir.’

To find out about this, I spoke to Executive Magistrate Sabiha Sultana Dolly on mobile phone. He said, ‘I will allow taking pictures if I take the permission of ADM (Additional District Commissioner) Sir or District Magistrate Sir before taking pictures.’

When asked about the policemen taking the journalist’s mobile phone and deleting the photo, he hung up the phone call without giving any answer.

Condemning this incident, General Secretary of Manikganj Press Club Atindra Chakraborty Biplab said, ‘Mobile court is a transparent process. There is no restriction on taking pictures here. Those who have obstructed journalists from taking pictures need to be held accountable.

Manikganj Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Rehana Akhter said, ‘There is no ban on taking pictures of journalists during the operation of mobile court, permission is not required. I am looking into the matter by contacting the person who has banned the journalists from taking pictures.’

District Civil Surgeon Moazzem Ali Khan said about the obstruction of journalists, ‘journalists are asked to be present to inform everyone about today’s operation. As I was not at the scene, I do not know about the obstruction of journalists. But what I know is that in the case of mobile court operation, journalists will be present and the whole matter will be presented to the nation through news. I don’t know why this happened. I think there may be a gap with journalists here.’


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