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The lowest temperature in the country is in Moulvibazar

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In Moulvibazar, the eastern district of the country, the temperature has dropped below ten degrees Celsius. Srimangal recorded the country’s lowest temperature of 9.07 degrees Celsius at 9 am on Tuesday.

Vipul Chandra, an observer at the Srimangal Meteorological Office, told Independent Television that the surface temperature has dropped due to the presence of cold winds from the north. So the cold is felt more.

Vipul Chandra said, mild cold current is blowing across the district. This condition may continue for another 2 to 3 days Another cold wave is likely towards the end of this month.

Meanwhile, the sun has not been seen in the district for the past one week Working people and low income people are suffering due to frosty wind and cold in Konkan. Boro farmers and tea workers of Haor area are suffering from severe winter. Farmers are entering the field late due to cold weather in Konkan. The sky is cloudy all day. For two days, the fog level has reduced a little, but Konkan is feeling cold.

Bhagwati, a woman worker at Karimpur tea garden in Rajnagar upazila, said, ‘I go to pick tea leaves at 7 am. But now I am going to the 9 o’clock section as it is too cold.’

Another worker Ram Goala said, ‘The fog has accumulated in the tea plants. The leaves cannot be washed. Leaves do not dry without a little sun. So the workers come to work late.’

Boro cultivation season is going on in Hakaluki, Kouadighee, Haile Hawre despite severe cold from last few days. There is labor shortage in boro cultivation even in the cold season.

Jalal Uddin, a farmer of Hakaluki Haor Par of Sadar Upazila, said, ‘Due to cold and fog, Haor Boro cultivation is being disturbed. There is also a labor shortage due to winter Hali saplings are being destroyed in the land.’


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