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The love is shared: Bubli

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Bangladeshi actress Shabnam Bubli is now in Kolkata shooting for a new film. For the past few days, the shooting of the film ‘Flashback’ directed by Rashed Raha is going on there.

In this movie, the heroine has teamed up with popular West Bengal actor Saurabh Das. Producer-actor Kaushik Gangopadhyay is in an important role. The actors spoke to the local media on Sunday (January 14) evening during the shooting.

The entire Flashback team was present at the press conference. Bubli’s new year started with this movie. The actress said, ‘In 2024, my film journey is starting with the Tollywood industry. And our all favorite actor-producer Kaushik sir is in this film. Saurabh is there. The movie is being directed by Rashed Raha. All in all, I think it will be nothing special. In 2024, the way everyone in Kolkata has embraced me, let it be like this for the rest of the year. Not only this year, let many years pass like this.’

On this day, actor Sourav while sharing his experience said, “The first thing that feels good to hear is the language. On the set, our people here sometimes cover their language and sometimes they speak our language. There is a kind of noise about it! Which is a very sweet thing. Suddenly I am also saying, “Rashed, give me the phone.”

He added, ‘If we look at it from the point of creativity, Bengal is a very powerful land in the world, history says so. In that case, I believe that something good is happening when the two Bengals are united. I believe that the creation (flashback) that we are creating is going very well.’

Bubli said when the journalists took issue with Sourav’s language issue, ‘naturally some things come from the place of language. As Saurabh Da was saying. We have the same language – Bengali, where there is a mischievous-sweet feeling in our two Bengals (Bangladesh and Calcutta). In fact, the love is shared. Because Bangladesh-Calcutta, we are so closely related! It takes only 30-40 minutes to reach Kolkata from Dhaka. It would have been better if there was free travel without so many barricades, visas and passports for this short period of time. But there is nothing to do, we all have to comply with it from the place of the country.’

Incidentally, the thriller-like flashback story progresses centered around a writer. It can be seen that Anjan is a famous personality of the stage. He has given up everything for a long time. Although still acting occasionally. But not on stage or screen, but in reality. On the other hand, another character in the film, DK, is a vagabond. He has no permanent address anywhere. Along with these two characters, an equally important character is the director of the film Shweta.

Life brings together three different types of people in a strange way. Their days in the backdrop of the hills are more interesting than the silver screen. However, the film will tell the story of what destiny will take them. Another Bangladeshi Khairul Bashar Nirjhar is involved in this movie. He co-wrote the screenplay with director Rashed. The story is also his.


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