Home News The lies of BNP leaders about the fire in the train are worse than murder

The lies of BNP leaders about the fire in the train are worse than murder

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The lies of BNP leader Rizvi Saheb about the fire in the train are worse than the murder, said Information and Broadcasting Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hasan Mahmud.

He made this comment in response to a question from journalists in the conference room of the Secretariat’s Information Directorate in the capital on Thursday afternoon.

The Information Minister said, ‘The government always wants to maintain peace and stability in the country, and wants to prevent all kinds of terrorist activities. And BNP-Jamaat is still doing it in the same manner as it did in 2013, 14, 15 to destabilize the government and the country to destabilize the elections, it is clear as day. The lies of Rizvi Saheb are even more heinous and ugly than the terror that has burnt two other people, including a mother and child, and many people before, by setting fire to the train compartment in Tejgaon the day before yesterday.

Hasan Mahmud said, ‘I don’t want to use these words about Rizvi Sahib. But in view of his statement, I am compelled to say that his lies are worse than the worm of hell. Those who caused all these incidents, ordered the incidents and tried to hide them, are equally guilty. The people have demanded that action be taken against those who are doing, talking and behaving like hellworms. It is the need of the hour to take action not only against the arsonists, but also against their commanders.

BNP’s non-cooperation movement and voter attendance in the question. Hasan said, ‘The election will be very competitive because of the enthusiasm that has already been created in the people and the average of more than 7 contestants in each seat. No matter what anyone says, no matter what the anti-elections try, there is no doubt that there will be a massive voter turnout. We don’t think any extra effort is needed for voter turnout. And their workers are not supporting the leaders in the non-cooperation movement of BNP.’

In response to the Chief Election Commissioner’s statement, the Broadcasting Minister said, ‘The government is supporting the Election Commission in every way. Now all the administration of the government has been entrusted to the Election Commission. As you know, a few days ago, the Election Commission transferred most of the UNOs and more than half of the police stations in the country, and some DCs were also transferred. The organization organizing the election is the Election Commission. So the election commission is responsible for fair voting. The government is fully supporting the Election Commission in this regard.’


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