Home News The last web series of the year ‘Hridamazhare’ is streaming today

The last web series of the year ‘Hridamazhare’ is streaming today

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To spread the warmth of love, the web series ‘Hridamazhare’ is going to be released on the last day of the year (December 31) on the streaming platform Deepta Play. It is directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud with screenplay by Nasimul Hasan. Dialogue written by Sarwar Saikat.

It will be seen in the story of the series, journalist Neela likes Imran, the country’s best heart surgeon, since childhood. But Imran, chasing after fame, doesn’t want to understand Neela’s love, he creates an invisible wall between the two. At that time, when Imran’s relationship with Faria, the new doctor at the hospital, gets dark, Neela can’t accept it and steps into a terrible trap. Due to Neela’s mistake, the doctor is accused of killing an innocent child. Will Neela, blind in love, be able to save Imran?

Director Abu Hayat Mahmud said, “From the balcony of the mind to the hospital of the heart, from drunken love to bitter revenge and the intricate puzzle of atonement in ‘Hridmazhar’.”

Shyamal Mawla, Nazia Haque Arsha, Aisha Khan, Rozi Siddiqui, Abu Huraira Tanveer and many others acted in this drama series.

OTT platform Deepta said that ‘Hridamazhare’ will be streaming today at 8 pm on Sunday.


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