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"The last VIP of F1"

"The last VIP of F1"

Monza is investing 21 million euros in improving its circuit to pass the century, because it is the classic temple of speed, but it seems like little in the era of the Renaissance, fireworks, Netflix, the nights and the Made in USA F1 show. Montmeló goes for 52 kilos, with a new VIP catwalk among other elements that also bring it into the 21st century.

In both cases the money is

public and the notorious objective, to continue in that rising show that is F1, which

You don’t even need a tight championship to progress and demand, raise rates and receive more and more requests

from cities around the world to have your career. Milan and Barcelona take out their neon nails to continue.

A member of Mercedes, with VIP’s at the last event in Saudi Arabia. (RVRacingpress).

Now what’s important is the user experience, doing a lot of great things including having a run around,

like football and new stadiums tend to include entertainment and luxury, beyond a simple match.

That’s why more and more circuits sneak VIPS (not famous, but pasty) into the curves

at the foot of the curve as if they were photographers, they put them in the pits, sometimes with serious danger,

They jump into the pit lane and get on the pit wall on the last lap,

and at this rate they are going to end up on the podium giving trophies to Verstappen.

Take it or leave it.

Madrid took it, on paper it bets on private money (except Las Vegas there is no other like it) and it is clear about the business model, like Miami or the city of bets with their passes of more than 10,000 euros (and not Let’s say the crazy Arab of Qiddiya, running parallel to a roller coaster…): points to the night, lights and drones, to September, to Spanish food, music, an unprecedented parabolic curve,

the VIP arriving delighted almost walking from the hotel,

and in the background, if he can, Alonso winning, and if not, then Max. Will they succeed? Of course, this scenario is essential for business.

VIPS jumping on the team wall in the middle of the Bahrain GP. (RV Racinpress)

And does Max like it? Every time less,

He understands the show, of course, but he is a simulator and simracing, which is where he has fun like a kid, and

to really run in the sun, like Fernando,

of being the protagonist of the Grand Prix with asphalt, gasoline and champagne,

not to be the heartthrob of the last show

of a long weekend and with a thousand previous shows in which he often serves as an entertainer, advisor or part-time actor. The last VIP. Between this and Red Bull’s move,

Who knows what’s going through his three-time champion’s head. Rovanpera won two World Rally Championships

, is the son of a driver, has spent his entire life on the asphalt, and has taken a semi-sabbatical year to live life when he was going straight to the third title. That he will return when he feels like it again. That’s where it is.

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