Home Sports The Lakers win and D’Angelo Russell enters his historic Olympus

The Lakers win and D’Angelo Russell enters his historic Olympus

The Lakers win and D’Angelo Russell enters his historic Olympus

Eenter the history of The Los Angeles Lakers are not easy at all. Perhaps it is the most impressive collection of stars in the NBA and important records are even more so. D’Angelo Russell, his base that continues to border on love and hate, inscribed his name in the greatest after becoming the player with the most triples in a season. He had surpassed Kobe Bryant (180) and with 187 certificates in the victory against the Philadelphia 76ers (101-94) he became a legend. Is he your best shooter? There are those who say yes.


D’Angelo beat Nick Van Exel’s 183 in 1994-95. The confirmation of a point guard noted at times for his lack of defensive forcefulness, but who gives that special ‘that’ to a team that wants to be champion. “It’s great to be in the history books. Being part of it makes me more than grateful and blessed. I want to continue like this and make it very difficult for whoever comes,” he acknowledged.

I want to make it very difficult for the next person who comes

D’Angelo Russell

With the rise of ‘DLo’ the Lakers won, although it was not a good game at all. Many turnovers (21) and forcing a final pull from a great Anthony Davis. ‘La Ceja’ had 23 points and 19 rebounds, showing that his ceiling is that of the gold and purple team. “Frustration needs to be corrected with focus. It’s human to get angry over mistakes. But if you can regulate that emotion and be able to move forward, you end up getting a game like that,” said Darvin Ham, his coach.


Maybe the Lakers needed it. Win (there are two victories in a row) before playing nice. Along with ‘AD’, LeBron imposed his dominance with a good 20 + 8 + 6, although he did not show any satisfaction either. “It was ugly, but we did the job,” explained the ‘King’.

And, of course, they look up. The Houston Rockets have become the chaser for the Play-In (34-35) and leaving them behind in addition to distancing themselves from the Golden State Warriors (36-33) to secure 9th place and grow in the Play-In is their duty. “We don’t look at the position,” LeBron acknowledged. “We want to focus on what’s in our hands. We cannot control the position if other teams play well. We can only go out and win the most,” concluded the ’23’.