Home News The Kremlin criticizes “scumbags” boasting about the Moscow terror attack

The Kremlin criticizes “scumbags” boasting about the Moscow terror attack

The Kremlin criticizes “scumbags” boasting about the Moscow terror attack

Anyone rejoicing over the terrorist massacre at Crocus City Hall is nothing but scum, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

Peskov was asked to comment on remarks by Alexei Arestovich, a former senior adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who appeared to suggest that Kiev may have been behind the attack and that Russia was closing in, before backing off.

“As for those who are rejoicing in the terrible tragedy we have experienced, they are scoundrels,” Peskov said. “We can’t call them anything else, whether they clarify later or not.”

Four gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall concert hall outside Moscow on Friday, randomly shooting bystanders and setting the place on fire. Over 130 people died and another 200 were injured, many seriously.

Commenting on the massacre in a YouTube video, Arestovich claimed that Russia was trying to gain sympathy in the West, but “In a day, they will kill as many here as we killed – not us, but they killed someone – there, in this act of terrorism.”

Many other figures, including Western politicians and Ukrainian cheerleaders on social media, have suggested that Russia either had to come or staged the whole thing as “false flag” to somehow justify their actions against Kiev.

Peskov noted that the investigation is still ongoing and that the authorities will make an official statement only after its conclusion.

“Although I encourage you to re-read very carefully the statements made by President Putin over the last two days. They are very important in this context,” he added.

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On Monday night, Putin said the attack could be the latest in a chain of attempts “those who have been fighting against our country since 2014 and using the neo-Nazi Kyiv regime as their hand,” the involvement not only of Ukraine, but also of its Western supporters.

A group calling itself the Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS-K) has claimed responsibility for the Crocus City Hall massacre. The US and EU have insisted that no one else is to blame and deny that Ukraine had anything to do with the terrorist act.

Over the weekend, Russian authorities detained four terror attack suspects – all of whom were nationals of Tajikistan – as they tried to flee by car to Ukraine.