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The king of that country has 15 wives

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Swaziland is a small country in Africa. The lifestyle of the country’s citizens is very simple, but the king’s life is luxurious. This king named King Mswati III usually travels by private jet, has expensive expensive cars. Not only that, King Mswati has 15 wives.

It is surprising that a king of a country has 15 wives these days. For this, he has been in the news headlines at various times. Raja Maswati responded by buying 19 Rolls Royces for his wives a few years ago.

On the 50th Independence Day in 2018, the king also made headlines by announcing the country’s name change. Mswati III announced that the new name of Swaziland would be Iswatini. The full name will be The Kingdom of Eswatini. In the 50th year of independence, the people of the country were also very happy to change the colonial name to the Swadeshi name. Explaining the country’s name change, the king said that people who visit any country in the world are mistakenly considered to be residents of Switzerland. Many times they have to face their own identity crisis. This is why such steps have been taken.

Recently, there was a new discussion on social media about the King of Swaziland having 15 wives. Many say the king probably married one every year. This king’s father Mswati II is said to have had more than 70 wives.

Swaziland kings also have a different way of choosing wives to marry. A festival is organized every year at certain times. About 40 thousand young women participated in this eight-day festival. They wear traditional clothes and participate in dances as well as singing in their mother tongue. The king chose one of the 40,000 beauties after seeing their songs and dances in this festival.


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