Home Sports The king of tangerines: Llull has a shot at being the top three-pointer in the history of the Euroleague

The king of tangerines: Llull has a shot at being the top three-pointer in the history of the Euroleague

The king of tangerines: Llull has a shot at being the top three-pointer in the history of the Euroleague

That young Sergio Llull who arrived at Real Madrid quietly in 2007 missed the first seven triples he launched in the Euroleague. The season of his landing he did not make his debut in the highest continental competition. He debuted in 2007-08 and in the 15 games he played he did not score from the goal. In fact, nothing like the version that brought him to stardom, he was somewhat shy: 0/6 in almost 121 minutes on the track. In the first game of the following season, on 08-09, he finally saw the basket from afar. Was before the Greek Peristeri. He missed his first attempt and, midway through the second quarter, converted the next one.

It was October 23, 2008. 5,626 days have passed since that time, more than 15 years, and the point guard, already a myth of Real Madrid fans for a long time, He is in position to become the top triple scorer in the history of the Euroleague this afternoon.. Addition 620 and is only three away from equaling the record held by Juan Carlos Navarro. Behind them, two other icons of European basketball: Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez. Total Spanish dominance in historical statistics.

Llull could reach his new milestone this Tuesday (8:00 p.m.) during his visit to ALBA Berlinfavorable rival, since it is the bottom of the competition. The point guard is doubtful due to an overloadbut Chus Mateo He said at a press conference that he hopes to be able to count on him. If not, he will have a new opportunity this Thursday against Partizan at the close of the last doubleheader of the season.

One of the most relevant in Europe in the last 15 years

in which to be his 400th game in the Euroleague -only Kyle Hines, with 420, has more-Llull can enlarge his legend. He has scored at least one triple against 39 opponents with Anadolu Efes as the preferred victim, with 54the result of their numerous confrontations with the Turkish team beyond the regular season, in the playoffs and Final Four. He is one of the most relevant players in Europe in the last 15 yearsadmired even by his enemies.

There are his three titles (2015, 2018 and 2023)being especially important in the last one by noting the winning basket in the final against Olympiacos. Ah, there is your Regular season MVP in 2017. His marks remain there, since he is also the fifth highest scorer with 3,897 points. And there they remain your tangerinesthose impossible triples that only he scores in extreme situations.

The record that Llull can achieve has merit because he is not a specialist. He can dynamite a match with a triple trance in a few minutes, but he is not a pure shooter. His career average in the Euroleague is 1.55 triples per game with a 35.1% success rate. In the last edition of the Copa del Rey he became the highest triple scorer in the history of the tournament (he has 68) and is also third in the ACB ranking. He accumulates 947 compared to the 1,233 of his boss Alberto Herreros and the 1,179 of Navarro.

Eternal love for Madrid

To be on the verge of achieving the Euroleague three-point record, the Real Madrid captain has had to do an extraordinary exercise in longevity. He is now 36 years old and is playing his seventeenth season in the Euroleague. Always with the Madrid team, which He swore eternal love, giving up the dollars that the Rockets offered him in the NBA.

He has 18 campaigns at the club, equaling Rafa Rulln’s record. This same season He also beat the number of matches with the white shirt, surpassing Felipe Reyes. Everything indicates that the captain, whose contract ends in June, will renew and will be able to take his records to brands that are difficult to reach. Continue putting tangerines to be the king of the triple in the Euroleague.