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The kidney of one saved the lives of two others

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Masum Alam of Kamrangichar returned home after receiving treatment at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital. Later he had to come back to the hospital. But after 5 days of treatment he was declared dead.

Although Masum Alam could not survive, two people found a way to survive in his body parts. Two of his kidneys have been transplanted into two patients. It is the second time in the country that the kidney of a brain dead person has been transplanted into another body through cadaveric transplant method. The surgery was performed at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital last Thursday night.

After knowing the physical condition of Masum Alam, the doctors discussed the cadaver with the relatives and they agreed.

The chief surgeon of cadaveric transplant Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman Dulal said, ‘He died immediately when we stopped ventilation immediately after taking the kidney. Death has already happened to him. His organs were artificially immobilized to harvest only the kidneys. This is brain dead. This is cadaveric donation.’

45-year-old Tahmina Yasmeen of Dhaka received a kidney from Masum Alam. Another kidney has been given to Bholar Zakir.

Tahmina Yasmin’s brother Mohammad Arifuzzaman said, ‘Of course we are eternally grateful to them. The decision they have taken in this situation is really commendable. If one has the chance one should definitely do it.’

Earlier, on January 18 last year, Bangabandhu Medical Center transplanted kidneys from the body of a deceased person for the first time. 20-year-old Sarah Islam’s cornea was given to two others.


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